Anko Fashion Show

I’ve been quite impressed with these Anko brand fashion doll outfits sold in K Mart (Just about everything in K Mart is Anko now). They are no worse quality than Mattel’s Barbie pack outfits but at $1.50 each, they are a heck of a lot cheaper.

The action takes place at the photographic studio after Stephanie and Holly, who was getting a ride with her, left. Barbara and Gigi were keen to have a look at the other clothes that Barbara had noticed in the store room.

There were three dresses with shoes and Jan suggested that they each choose one to try on.

“Please Midge, may I take the photos, would you mind? I could use my phone if you don’t want me to use your good camera.”

“Oh good idea!” said Jan. “MIdge you could try one of the dresses on. The black one would look so good on you.”

“Have you used a DSLR before?” Midge asked Gigi.

“Oh sure. my dad has a Nikon. ” she replied confidently. “I’m saving up for one of my own.”

Midge decided that Gigi would be a responsible camera user and agreed that she could use her equipment.

The Photographer

Gigi is the photographer today.

The Models

The Fashions

Jan had chosen the black and white dress which she declared a good fit and fine for a casual outing. She was very pleased to find that the shoes with the outfit also fit her.

Barbara’s favourite outfit

Barbara’s choice was the party dress with the pink shoes. She liked the colours and and said everything fit her comfortably.

Midge in an LBD

Midge came out last wearing the black dress which Jan had insisted she be photographed in even though she liked it herself. Midge said that it was a little snug across the back but not too bad a fit otherwise.

The girls decided to have one more group shot taken before they packed up. Midge showed Gigi how the self timer worked so that she could be in the photos too.



  1. I always enjoy seeing your dolls with the short hairstyles. You’re absolutely right – These dresses and shoes look just as nice (if not nicer!) than Mattel’s Barbie clothes. My favourite is the black dress, but they are all cute. We have no K-marts in Canada, but sometimes the dollar stores have nice Barbie style dresses.

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    • Naomi and I had not been in a K Mart for a long time. They were not very convenient to visit for either of us and apart from once picking up a denim basics girl for $10 there wasn’t much to excite us in recent years. Burnie K Mart has made us hopeful again. I am not crazy about the Anko fashion dolls, but you never know they may improve.


  2. That’s true. I wish we had K Mart here, it’s very difficult to find clothes for dolls. I usually resort to EBay, my local Collectibles shop and making them myself. It would be nice to buy proper packaged outfits complete with accessories and shoes, just like they were when I was a child (only, when I was a child, I couldn’t afford them) We still made a lot ourselves by sewing and knitting for clothes and anything else we could find to make accessories. Hmm, those were the days!
    Gigi did a good job with the photography which enabled Midge to take part in the show. All the girls look great.

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