Fashion Doll Friday: Swappin’ Heads Fashionista Sweetie

Today’s Friday Girl is one of my Swappin Head’s Fashionistas aka Sandy. She was last featured as a Friday Girl way back in 2015. I was searching for fashion doll stuff in my unpacked boxes today and came upon my two spare Fashionista heads. I’ve never used this head on Sandy before because I like her other one but this is nice too. So now you can see her both ways.



  1. Both heads look great, she has lovely big blue eyes and beautiful hair on both. I like her groovy green boots as well. Looks like she’ enjoying the view of the park from her wooden bench.


  2. Sweet, love the swapping head concept, These two look as if they’d fit right in w/ the dream house gang. They pose so well and look so fun, wish I had more. I find buying second hand getting the right tones to swap out gets tricky. Don’t see lots of “sets” w/ accessories. Also I was sad they never tried this w/ the guys..having Ken and Alan’s heads in a set would have been awesome. Great pics/blog!

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