Grandma Gets A Makeover

Today I was photographing another tub of dolls and I picked out a few to have a photo session with including this clone doll that I’ve had for many years.

She was not in top condition when I got her and I had dressed her as an old lady. Her hair was a faint mauve and very frizzy. I decided I had nothing to lose by giving her a boil wash.

Here she is after having her hair done. It was quite uneven so I cut a tiny bit off at the ends which were still frizzy but decided to leave it loose as I thought it might look better that way.

Next she got a change of clothes. This dress is one that I bought a long time ago from an eBay seller.

I don’t know if this doll had been “frankendollied” before I got her because I noticed that the skin tone of her body is different from her head. I may try to find one that matches her face a bit better later on.

clone doll with mauve tinted hair.


  1. Wow, what a difference a day-spa makes! She looks so much younger. She looks familiar, but as for the “not matching” skin tones I don’t put much in that anymore. So many of my clones are that way. What a mystery! What a fun change.

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