Vintage Paper Dolls – Part Twenty -The Tammy Family

I was very happy with my Christmas present from Naomi but she was not happy because she had bought me something else to go with it and she couldn’t find it. She was sure that it was in her house somewhere and would eventually turn up. Sure enough, it did and she brought it with her the last time she came to Sisters Beach. I had no idea what to expect because she didn’t tell me what she had bought. We enjoy finding little surprises for each other from time to time.

Anyway it turned out to be a Little Golden Book about Tammly and Pepper and a set of vintage Tammy family paper dolls. I have photographed the book and will show it in another post but today I want to share the photos I took of the paper dolls because this is a really nice set.

The original illustrated in my Tammy book.

This set was issued by Whitman in 1964.It came in a box and had the serial number #4733. The dolls are printed on heavy card and have sturdy stands. The clothing was originally on one large sheet of paper folded to fit the box. The outfits could be punched out.

As a matter of interest Whitman set #1997 has identical dolls but different outfits and was issued in book form so they are larger. You can still buy a reproduction set of these dolls

I find the repro sets are usually very good quality and they are also quite useful for helping to identify vintage pieces we have collected or have missing from sets.

Judging by the photo in my Tammy book the vintage set still has most of the outfits with it. Only a couple of hats seem to be missing. They dolls are in excellent condition for their age and most of the clothing is still in very good shape. Only one or two torn bits, and even one of those, a boot on one of the Tammy outfits, has the torn of bit in the bag so it can be mended.

The Dolls

Now let’s see the dolls and their outfits.

The Outfits

The outfits were so nice that I ended up photographing every one of them. Here are a few of them. I may upload the rest to my Pinterest page later as this set doesn’t seem to be so common.

One nice thing about this set is that Dad and Ted actually have some nice outfits of their own. The Dad and Ted dolls had to share their outfits and they didn’t have many. The Ted/Bud dolls were a bit dorky looking but this one is not bad. My only tiny criticism of these dolls is that Dad’s head seems a little bit small in proportion to his body. Maybe that’s just me but it doesn’t look quite right. However, all in all it is a very nice vintage paper doll set and I am very lucky to have been given one in such lovely condition.


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