Miss McGonagall’s New Clothes

I promised to show how Minerva McGonagall would look redressed. This afternoon I had tried a few things on her and was pleased to find that I had some outfits that fitted quite well. Her body is similar but not exactly the same as Happy Families Grandma.

The first one is an OOAK dress that I bought and like to use on the more full figured dolls.

In an OOAK dress

This outfit is put together from two different generic outfits. The shirt came with a white pencil skirt but it is too tight for Minerva. Luckily I also had this other white skirt which I feel is more her style anyway.

This is the dress that I made originally for Roseanne. It fits her quite well but I think that she would like to wear tights with it as it is shorter than she likes.

home made dress.

This is another dress I made years ago. It was made for a standard TNT Barbie but as it is knit material it fits her well Minerva likes the length but thinks that light coloured shoes would be better. The neck is a separate piece and I made the bead necklace she is wearing to go with it.



  1. Love it! I should pull out some home-mades from my Tammy case to see how they work. Love the glasses. I was going to steal my ones from Barbie for Pres. series/Asian but yours are much better. I was going to display my (Maggie) in her green dress robe for St. Patrick’s day.Great blog.

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  2. She looks really good in your home made creations. Curvy Barbie clothes would probably fit but style wise would be totally inappropriate. I have two curvy girls and a few curvy outfits but none would be suitable for the more mature ladies. I have Grandma Hadley and it’s a challenge to find suitable clothing.


    • It is. Curvy Barbie clothes make them look like what mum would have called “mutton dressed as lamb.” On the other hand most grandmas today are not wearing long skirts and cardigans . Some nice tasteful clothing for the mature models would be great but I think we’ll have to make it ourselves.


      • That’s right. My Mum and Mum-In-law are in their seventies and both look great, they certainly don’t look their ages. My Dad is the same, he doesn’t look his age either. Grandparents these days do not look how they are portrayed in books with the shawls, walking sticks and old cardigans. That’s what I bear in mind when trying to dress Grandma Hadley.


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