The Competition Winners Fashion Shoot

Vivienne had a very special job this weekend. She’d been asked to coordinate a fashion shoot for a group of ladies who had won a competition.

The ladies were all excited to be having professional photos taken, even Miss McGonagall was pleased although she had no intention of giggling like a silly teenager she said.

The Showrunner


The Models

  • Rosie O’Donnell- Celebrity doll
  • Mrs Young – Clone doll
  • Miss McGonagall – Professor McGonagall
  • Mrs Hadley – Happy Families Grandma

The Fashions

The ladies were quite happy with the dresses that Vivienne picked out for them and they all wanted to try on more than one. Rosie was the only one who wanted to wear the knitted dress as the others thought that it would be too see-through.

Mrs Young loved the hat.

After they had posed for a photo together the ladies thanked Vivienne for her help and asked her to take a photo with them all.

The Group Shot with Vivienne.


  1. So much fun to see a variety of ladies participating in the fashion shoot. It really shows what a difference an outfit can make.
    I’m just wondering … Is that first doll a Rosie O’Donnell?


      • Well, I couldn’t think of Rosie O’Donnell’s name when I saw your doll and had to search online for female talk show hosts before I figured it out. The doll is lovely and that knit dress suits her perfectly. Love the added touch of the neck scarf.


      • Great fashion show, the mature ladies giving the youngsters a run for their money! Us more mature ladies can look just as good as they can. Style is not about your age, it’s how well you can put an outfit together and know your own body shape to look your best. Vivienne did a great job. Well done on the home made outfits, they look great.

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  2. Rosie has never looked better! I loved her enough in the knit dress I put mine in one (a red and white knit dress, I call her Mrs Santa dress). She also looks good in an A-line plaid dress I also put on my Maggie Smith (a little too baggie) . I love these more voluptuous gals. I am looking for more fashion packs for the curvy gals, and as I have a plus size Tracy from the musical hairspray..She is quite a lot bigger..patterns as well.Maybe a 16″ Gene sheath from a magazine.

    Liked by 1 person

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