Tammy; Little Golden Activity Book #A52

Here is the book that Naomi gave me. It is a little story about Tammy and Pepper going for a nature walk where Tammy has many mishaps. In the back of the book are Tammy and Pepper paper dolls and outfits. The dolls are two sided, there is both front and back views of them so they can be pasted onto either side of a piece of cardboard.

Details: Published by Golden Press Inc. New York, in Canada by The Musson Book Company Ltd. Toronto and in Australia by Golden Press, Sydney. Copyright 1963 Ideal Toy Corp.

Tammy has many mishaps

I think that the illustrations are very nice and Mom and Tammy do resemble the dolls. The paper dolls are also very nice and there is a good number of outfits to dress them in. I won’t be cutting mine out however.



  1. What a charming book! And, as you said, it is in wonderful condition. The illustrations are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing photos of this book.

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  2. I saw it on-line thinking I’ll never win that, but then I did..and the best part in it won’t come from my doll budget but my book budget! I love that I can put it next to my Barbie golden book.I wish they did a Sindy one!

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    • I am pretty sure there were some Sindy story books. I think that Jenjoy’s All Dolled Up had an article about them some months ago. Probably not Little Golden Books but nice stories just the same.


  3. I’ll be heading some more of my books money to getting an other copy of this one, the seller was the orig. owner but all the paper dolls were torn out. I may see what Tammy/Sindy/clone paper doll books might be out there.

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