Fashion Doll Friday: Denim Basics #11 2010

As I was looking through old posts to see if there was possibly any fashion doll I hadn’t shown you all yet I discovered that I didn’t seem to have used all my Denim Basics girls for Fashion Doll Friday.

So, today’s Friday Girl is Denim Basics Barbie #11 aka Joanne. She has the square-jawed Teresa face which is one of my favourite facial sculpts. Joanne has been a model for a couple of Fashion Fever Closet shows but as far as I can tell she has only appeared on a Friday once, with her sister Kate (Black Basics #1) and that was back in 2015.



  1. A beautiful doll and I like the way you’ve redressed her. The Barbie Basics was another Mattel line that seemed to come and go in a flash.

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    • I know just a few short years we had them. The last lot, the swimsuit ones, were not widely available over here. They made the nicest male dolls during that time too.


  2. Joanne is beautiful and looks great in both outfits. The light blue blouse has amazing detail, whoever makes them at Ella’s dolls is very talented. The Barbie Basics did seem to come and go in a flash, I remember them being advertised in LBDs.


    • The blouse was a Fashion Fever separate and it is very well made. Mattel made great clothes then. I do have quite a few skirts, tops and dresses from Ellasdolls though. She does a great job.


  3. Having major doll envy, she has an upscale beachy (Santa Barbara) vibe to me.I can see her in golfing togs or at a dog show and charity fund raisers. (Maybe her own show on cable). I do have a blonde Teresa w/ a standard bent arm twist n’ turn body, but your gal w/ the taffy hair is what I’d call “spring soft” showing light colors to an advantage.

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