Fashion Doll Friday: Denim Basics #05 2010

Today’s Friday Girls is another of my rarely seen Denim Basics dolls. Nicole is Denim Basics #05. She is one of the last Denim Basics I bought and like April she does not have the normal Model Muse legs and seems more lightweight than the earlier dolls. Nicole has the Lea face sculpt, another of my favourites. I also really like her long, silky black hair. I was very lucky to find several of the Denim Basics girls on special back in 2014. I think they were about $A17.95 so basically half price.

Nicole has appeared as a model on a few occasions but I think this is her first appearance as a Friday Girl.



  1. Gorgeous. 🙂 The Basics series has such wonderful dolls! The outfit with the fur vest and knee length pants is beautiful.

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  2. Very pretty, she looks equally well in everything she wears. I love the basic gals, the model muse-esque bodies as well as the Star dolls w/ lighter bodies who rock the red carpet look. The feet are the only issue for me as I tend to lose shoes right off. I even tried one of these bodies on my Vanna White/Wheel of fortune doll to make her taller. The Lea face makes her so peaceful/happy looking. I still love your knit dress on her, wonder how great she would be in sweaters and a trench coat, as an agent or private detective. Great gal, she wears it all well!

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