Adventures With Sindy

Some time ago I read an interesting post by JenJoy on her “All Dolled Up” blog about a series of paperback novels featuring Sindy, Paul and Patch.

I was lucky enough to find two of these books on Etsy recently.

JenJoy has given synopsis of each story in her post which you can read here. My comment at the time was that I think that these stories are best enjoyed by reading them as if you were ten years old and ignoring all the things that are considered not to be PC in the 21st century.

When Naomi and I were children, about the time these books were written, our dolls had lots of adventures where the kids got to do all the exciting things and there were few grown ups around so I have no problem reading these books that way.

I like the illustrations even though they are not full colour. As one book has blue and the other green in the illustrations I wonder if each book of the series had a different colour?

.Back of each book


  1. I read Jenjoy’s post on these books too. They sound similar in style to Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven adventure books. The kids in these books always had great adventures. Sometimes we acted them out with our dolls playing the kids. You’re right, you’d need to read them pretending you were a child again, one who played with proper toys and had adventures and not an ipad in sight (lol)

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  2. Soulds delightful..I loved reading to my kids and not all pc stuff it was god for open talk about how things ,people etc.. change.I adore older books, and anything about doll characters just brings them to life for me..

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  3. I love reading fiction books that were written in the 1960s/70s or even earlier. No cell phones/i-phones/Internet. Research was done via library books. It’s a totally different world from the one we live in now. I agree about adults not figuring in imaginary adventures when I was young. These Sindy books look marvellous.

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    • Naomi and I have a small collection of children’s books which we will eventually display with the toys. We like them because they often have lovely illustrations eg. Rupert the Bear but others are those we enjoyed reading as children.


  4. Only three different colours used in the pictures: Curious Clock and Lighthouse Mystery – green, Down Texas Way and Desert Escapade – orange and The Lone Swimmer and Haunted Island – blue. Would have been nice if they were all different.

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