April Tip of the Month

April Fool! It isn’t here! I have decided that from this month I will transfer the Tip of the Month to my new doll blog Thrify Doll Collecting. The reason for this is that the new blog is more of an information blog and aimed at new collectors and sellers so it seemed a good fit. However, I will link the posts so that those of you who enjoy reading our Tip of the Month posts can still do so and we will continue to write of our experiences with fixing things here as well in a more informal way. Here is a link to the latest post.



  1. Great blog about making your own dolls clothes. I can’t crochet but I can knit and sew and have made various things, both by pattern and “made up as I go along”. My cousin also recently gave me some fantastic clothes that my Auntie had made for her Sindy doll in the 1960s. They are very well made and look like shop bought. My Auntie was a sewing “finisher” when she left school. When my boys were young I used to have a stall at their school fetes selling hand made and knitted dolls clothes both separately and on dolls I’d rescued from charity shops.

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    • I never learned to crochet. I’ve tried but never managed to get my head round it. Pity because I would love to make granny squares or those throws from leftover wool. However I do enjoy knitting for my dolls.


  2. I loved reading your suggestions. I have no sewing or crafting skills but I love to read about how and what people create for their dolls.

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    • I’m not great at it like some people who show or sell their work but I have a go once in a while. I have seen no sew patterns around and may post about those another time.


  3. Most of my patterns have been from magazines or found on-line, but I like the no sew concept of using un-mated socks or stretchy hairbands cut into sheaths. I LOVE home-made’s found on-line! I don’t really do machine sewing but some hand sewing. Crochet and knitting are my favorite finds on-line. I can do some myself but not to a pattern ,but for a certain doll. I was lucky my granny was left handed and taught me by facing me and handing the work into my hands from hers. It was the only thing that worked for me.Now a days I can only do doll blankets as I use bigger and bigger needles for my arthritis. Crochet knit is easier for me than either crochet or knitting, and faster. Wish I could share pics but my phone isn’t co-operating. Thanks for the blog.

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