Fashion Doll Friday: 300th Post

Every time I sit down to create Fashion Doll Friday posts I look back over recent ones to see what type of doll I haven’t featured lately and to refresh my memory about who I might not have used yet. Do you know there are currently 299 items in that list? So this will be the 300th Fashion Doll Friday post. Wow! Some TV shows don’t last that long!

I wondered who the very first Friday Girl was. I’d posted a few fashion doll photos before that but the first Fashion Doll Friday post appeared in November 2013 about 6 months after I started the blog. I think that I had not long bought her when I took this first photo. As she is still one of my favourites I thought that I’d give Sarah a rerun today.

imageDenim Basics Barbie 02
Sarah showing off her legs, the couch and teddy belong to Naomi

Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop posting Fashion Doll Friday pictures. We might have reruns but there are always going to be a few new dolls or new oufits to share.



  1. Wow, congratulations on 300 Fashion Fridays – that’s awesome! I have a special fondness for dolls with short hair and Sarah is very versatile. She looks great in every outfit, but my favourite picture is Sarah on the couch. Cute couch and teddy, but it’s those long legs that grabbed my attention. Short people like me can’t help but envy long legs. 🙂

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    • Thanks Elizabeth. That was to photo from the original post and I really like that pose too. I took the photo at Naomi’s house. I used to stay there some weekends in those days and as she had to work on Friday evenings I would entertain myself redressing the dolls I kept there and photographing them.


  2. I think the Generation Girl Laura could be her little sister. What a stunner!..She can rival the long legged Integrity gals for the “I should be a Bond Girl crown!”. I love that she rocks every look she wears! I loved how she matched the Teddy bear. I have the May and Oct versions. What a gorgeous doll! Congrats on the #300! You all deserve/take the cake!!Celebrate!

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  3. Sarah is a beautiful doll, I love the pose on the sofa. I’m also a short person and would love long legs like that. Congratulations on 300 fashion doll Friday posts (and all the others) We all look forward to Fashion doll Friday wondering who it will be this week.


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