Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Mauve Themed Closet

Hasn’t it been a long time since we did Fashion Fever Closets? I kind of lost track of which ones we’d done but by going through my old posts I see that we’ve only revisited about half of them.

Today we’re going to revisit this mauve themed closet.

The Complete Closet

Fashions in the Park

“Are you sure that we should be doing this?” Midge asked Jan as they unloaded her car at the local Botanical Gardens. “You know Vivienne doesn’t like it.”

“I happen to know that Vivienne did an outdoor shoot herself just last week.” Jan told her.

“I know.” replied Midge, “But that was coats.”

“We have coats,” Jan told her with a trace of smugness. “Anyway, it’s just you, me and Sandy. I know that I can trust you two. What could Vivienne possibly say? It will be fine.”

“Well she could say “You are never going to be allowed to borrow my clothes ever again.” Midge started to say but she was interrupted by the arrival of Sandy.
“How did manage to swing this Jan? I thought Vivienne…”

“It’s fine!” Jan repeated firmly. “Look we have this shadehouse to work in, I’ve brought a tent for us to change in. Come on Midge. You love outdoor photography.”

“Well, that’s true. I do,” admitted Midge. “OK, well I need to see where we are going to get the best light so I’m going to take some test shots.”

The Showrunner

The Models

The Fashions

Midge quickly worked out what she wanted to do and Sandy and Jan went off to change their clothes. Sandy came back first wearing a floral print top and a short pleated skirt. “Oh, how I love nature.” she sang dancing about.

“Liar! You hate nature and love nightclubs.” said Midge trying not to laugh.

Jan, as she often did, picked the only dress in the closet. As usual the shoes did not fit her but she carried a matching bag.

“Come on Midge. You have to help us out with the last outfit.” Jan insisted. “Give me the camera. ” Midge went to change into cropped jeans and a mauve top.

Sandy came back wearing a white cotton jacket over her outfit. “She was right. There are jackets in there.”

Sandy in the white cotton jacket

“The other case has more jackets.” Jan said. “Let’s have our group shot in these outfits and then we can go on to the next lot.”

The Group Shot

Stay tuned for “Scarves and Jackets”.



  1. So far, so good (no mishaps such as lost shoes or grass stained clothes! I always enjoy the fashion shows. Hopefully Vivienne won’t mind it being outdoors. Looking forward to the jackets and scarves.

    Liked by 1 person

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