Fashion Doll Friday: Sindy in Emergency Ward

Today’s Friday Girl is Sindy in “Emergency Ward”. Apart from the obvious reason, I picked Sindy today because going back over old posts I realised we hadn’t had Sindy as a Friday Girl for some time. What was I thinking?



  1. Sindy is very professional in her nurse’s uniform just like all our health workers doing an excellent job. I would just like to say to Vanda, Naomi and all the followers of this site that I hope you and all your loved ones stay safe xx

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  2. Sindy is a very cute and professional looking student nurse. 🙂 She certainly deserves to be featured in the Friday posts! Lovely ❤
    Angie, I join you in hoping the same for everyone.

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  3. I remember Nurses aid training white uniforms, and the Candy stripers/volunteers had a red and white striped smock over theirs. I love these medical themed outfits. I buy scrubs for my favorite clones I can’t afford proper outfits for. Sindy is such a lovely doll. I either have her in Equestrian, homemade or medical stuff. She sometimes dates my extra Dr. Littlechap or Dr. Turner (Tammy’s bro Ted), or my scene boys because they have bigger heads than Paul. Great blog!

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    • You must have one of the later Paul’s after he was restyled as he did have much smaller scale head. The original Pedigree Pauls, apart from having moulded hair look in scale to Sindy I think.


  4. I have a 67 small Paul, a rooted 87, and 90 something and my newest a 2000 who was done by Hasbro that has an earring on his left ear. Thankfully he can wear newer G.I. Joe gear. But I did buy an outfit from the same seller that says it’s his size.
    O>K. totally off topic..cause that’s, Someone just starting to collect was asking about the difference between Tammy and Sindy , I did a random search and guess who my first hit was..YOU! I was ALREADY going to reference you because you have a great history/awesome pics AND amazing links..and now I know for sure!! (Just thought I’d share).

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    • 67 Paul is hard to dress because he is so much smaller than the others. Naomi’s 67 Paul looks like the younger brother of my Paul dolls. I think that in Australia we are fairly lucky that for a few years we had access to both Sindy and Tammy so making the comparison is easier. Tammy was sold in the UK for a short time, probably before Sindy appeared in the shops but Sindy wasn’t sold in the USA till much, later so I guess Americans don’t know the early Sindy’s so well. Sometimes when I am searching for doll information my own posts come up which is flattering but annoying because I don’t learn anything new from them! 🙂


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