Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Summer Casual Closet

Today we’ll be revisiting a closet that I last featured way back in 2014.

The full closet

Today Vivienne has given Lisa a chance to be the Showrunner. It’s the first time she has done it but having been involved in several shoots as a model she is quite confident that she is up for the challenge. She asked for, and received permission to do her shoot on the store roof like Vivienne did.

The Showrunner:

Lisa McDonald

The Models:

Lisa has asked two friends if they would model the outfits. Lisa asked her friend Leah who is very interested in fashion if she would like to come. Naturally, Leah said that she would love to. Linda, Lisa’s flatmate also said she would like to come. “But I need to be home by six. I’m working tonight,” she added.

  • Leah – Belly Button Barbie c2002-04
  • Linda – Fashion Fever Styles 4 Two Drew

Lisa’s shoot was nearly derailed on Saturday morning when she got a call from the photographer to say that he couldn’t make it. “Where am I going to get another photographer at such short notice?”she wondered. Luckily Leah had the answer.

“I used to go to school with a girl who was into photography. I think she’s doing a course at college. Shall I give her a call?”

Leah’s friend Shannon was more than happy to help. “Can I take some extra pictures afterwards to use for my portfolio?” she asked.

The Photographer:

Shannon was happy to help with the photography

The Fashions:

Up on the roof, Shannon had a look round. She decided that she’d like to take her photos in a garden area that was often used for staff parties in summer. She thought that the green background would look nice. “You know, the weather looks like it may change by the time we’re done,” she told Lisa. ” Would you like me to take a group photo of you all first so you don’t look windblown?” she asked.

Lisa thought that this was a pretty good idea so she said “Yes, let’s do it.”

Lisa with her models Linda and Leah

The girls went off to change in the small storeroom that Vivienne had used during her shoot. Leah came out first wearing cropped denim jeans and a crocheted halter top. She said that the pants were very tight but her main complaint was the shoes. “Why on earth have we got these shoes?” she asked indignantly. “They don’t go with any of the outfits.”

Meanwhile, Linda had changed into the orange striped dress. She found sandals to go with it and even the sunglasses matched. “I see what you mean about the breeze,” she commented to Shannon as she struggled to keep her skirt from blowing up.

Leah changed into a blue skirt and crop top. She was still not overly happy about shoes. “This top has one orange stripe but at least these shoes match better than the pink ones.”

Linda came back wearing the outfit that Leah had been wearing. She too commented on how tight the pants were. Over her top she wore a purple, hooded windbreaker. The weather was definitely deteriorating so Linda was glad of it.

As Shannon finished taking Linda’s photo Lisa called out to her to set up the camera and come and join them for a final group shot. “Then you two had better get out of these clothes so we can pack them away,” she added looking at the sky.

Shannon joins the girls for one more photo

“Jeepers, let’s hurry,” said Leah. “I don’t want to get wet.” While Linda and Leah hurriedly changed back into their own clothes Lisa hung everything neatly on the clothes rack ready to be wheeled into the lift.

The girls turned to leave only to find that the elevator was not working. “Darn it!” said Lisa, “It’s closing time. They have probably turned it off to do maintenance. I’ll have to call them.”

“I don’ t have time for this.” Linda said impatiently. “I’ll be late for work. Let’s just use the stairs.”

“I don’t have time for this!”

Lisa pointed out that they would have to use the fire escape stairs on the outside of the building but Linda was anxious to get home so the others agreed to give it a try. Lisa carefully locked the storeroom door. She would have to come back for the clothes when the lift was working again. Of course, that was when the rain started but the girls made it downstairs soaked but safe. Linda was not late for work.

*Note: I was planning on washing the girl’s hair after this shoot so I just damped it down with a spray bottle and shook their hair around for this last shot. I am sure Shannon would have taken a picture. She did not need a restyle so she was not included.



    • No she isn’t Laurel although I do have that Jewel Girl. I’ll show her one day soon. Hard to believe she came out 20 years ago. I bought Lisa loose from eBay and I am not actually sure who she is. Pretty sure she is not Fashion Fever although she has that body.


  1. I can see that now as her part is to the side. These blondes do get tricky to identify, the downside of me buying them nude is few identifiers. Buying more Teresa’s lately.Linda is another Bond-esque gal, her hair is so fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes there were so many of those blondes with long hair in the late 90s early 2000s playline and some of them are very hard to identify without the original outfits. Leah is another I haven’t placed yet although I think that is the outfit she came with.


  2. Lisa did a great job despite all the problems thrown at her, photographer cancelling and the weather. You can always rely on the weather to spoil things! very threatening sky above, looks like they just got done in time. Its a shame they had to use the fire escape and got wet. perhaps this is why Vivienne does not do many outdoor shoots.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is one reason that she doesn’t. She also worries about things getting lost. In real life the weather was not that bad but I could see it was going to change so a bit of artistic licence.


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