Fashion Doll Friday: Rio de Janeiro Teresa 2002

This week’s Friday girl is one of the many beach series dolls that Mattel has issued. She is Rio de Janeiro Teresa aka Shannon.

Shannon has not been featured much on this blog. I looked her up, and I had used her for a post about my Teresa’s and then not at all until this past week. Why you ask? Well, there is a reason. I had a serious senior moment where Shannon was concerned. As you know I give most of my play dolls names of their own but when you have as many as I do after a while it’s hard to remember them all. I kept looking at Shannon and I just could not remember her name! This was for literally months but finally, I searched and found a photo with her name on it. When I photograph dolls now I tag them with their names as well as what doll they are so that this kind of thing won’t happen so often in future. (I hope)



  1. Shannon is a beauty. I like her brown eyes and brown hair. I have started to name my play dolls as well and it does get hard to remember all their names. All my dolls have a cardboard record card so I’ve written “aka” and their names on the cards so I can remind myself if I forget. I choose the names for one of a few reasons: either it’s a favourite name of mine, the name suits the doll or it’s a name after a member of my family, I’ve pretty much used up all the family names now, maybe I’ll have to start using some middle names. A curvy Barbie has already got my middle name as she’s my “mini me” (only younger and prettier!)

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  2. I also name all my dolls and after I had over 100, I too started forgetting them. But since I started the West Enders blog, I have kept a list on my computer which has all the dolls names sorted into families and single people. I also have a “portraits” album on my computer, which is organised by surname (they get first and second names!) and their photograph, It gives me a good reference to every doll. And it’s also fun to take their photos!

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  3. I salute you ladies for naming all your dolls – and keeping a record of their names! I only name a few of my dolls and have to write the names down as I don’t even remember those few. I do have a much smaller soft toy collection and for some reason their names do stick in my memory. As for Shannon, she has a sweet, cheery face and looks pretty in all the outfits pictured.

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  4. Shannon/Teresa is another wish-list doll because she has always seemed like a “sister” type doll to me. Of all my Teresa’s or Barbie’s the the play-lines are the favorites. I have five sisters so I love grouping these dolls together. Plus, play-lines can wear anything, I don’t feel guilty if they don’t have the proper outfits. Teresa is a great “friend ” doll and yours is especially sweet.

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    • That’s one reason I started to collect playline. Firstly, I couldn’t afford the Collector dolls anyway but if I had bought them I’d have felt bad about deboxing them. Playline are great because even ones I bought new I could debox and play with and for me that is 90% of the fun of having fashion dolls.


  5. Shannon is adorable. She has such a sweet face. She really looks nice in that red dress.

    I forget my dolls’ names also. Sometimes I stare at a doll and say aloud, “what is your name?” Usually she will just roll her eyes (laugh).

    I visited a house once where the doll owner had but the name of each doll on the doll’s stand. I thought that was a great idea but I still haven’t done that.

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    • It is a great idea but mine live in tubs when I’m not using them. I have never named my vintage fashion dolls oddly enough. The Sindys are all Sindy, the Tammy’s are all Tammy and so on.


  6. I haven’t named any vintage dolls either, my Sindys are all Sindy, Tammys are all Tammy, Tressys all Tressy etc. I just can’t see them with a different name. I have renamed some of my Hasbro Sindys but they are not vintage. It’s all the playline Barbies and clones who I have renamed. My Action Men and some of the Kens have new names. The Fashionistas are easy to rename because they all look so different.

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