Buyer Beware

This post is a little different from our usual posts because Naomi saw something on eBay tonight that annoyed us both very much.

She was browsing fashion dolls and came across a set of dolls made by Anko, two male dolls and two child dolls. Here’s a screenshot of the listing. Sorry, it’s not a great photo.

As you can see this set of dolls is being offered for $US99 which is about $A155. The sellers are here in Australia but oddly they say they may not post within Australia, only to the USA.

Naomi and I saw this play set in K Mart on our last trip to Burnie a few weeks ago before everything shut down. Remember that I wrote about the Anko fashions I bought that day. At the time the set cost $A15. Naomi looked up the K Mart website to check that and that is still the price. Here is a screenshot from the K Mart website.

Now I am not saying that these sellers are doing anything illegal in selling something for ten times the original price. They are not essential items like toilet paper or hand sanitiser so probably not. However, to us, it seems morally wrong to do something like this. Even if these dolls are not available in the USA and even if you factor in shipping that is a big mark up.

We have written before about how important it is to check prices before you buy. It makes us mad to see people being overcharged especially now. People have lost their jobs or had their hours reduced and even if the seller is in the same position it is not fair to rip people off by selling cheap dolls for an inflated price. I did a search for Anko dolls on the US eBay and found the same set at a much more reasonable price.

So we just want to say that if you or someone you know are keen to buy Anko dolls please shop around before you spend your money and make sure that you are getting a fair deal.



  1. I totally agree about the need to shop around first! I have recently begun Sylvia Natterer dolls, which are currently made by Petitcollin in France. Living in France, I’m am lucky to be able to buy these at normal retail price (and sometimes at slightly lower than RRP).

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  2. This is really good advice. I have often seen the exact same item with various different prices, some being ridiculously high. I remember when you covered this before showing the Star Trek Barbie and Ken set at various different prices. I have that set, my Mum and Dad got it in a yard sale when they were on holiday in the US. I think at the time they paid about $15. I still have it NRFB.

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  3. Unfortunately this is the way ebay works, and it applies to all items, not just dolls. As you say, buyers really need to do a lot of research before purchasing. And buyers who do pay outrageous prices are only enabling sellers who charge outrageous prices. I rarely buy from ebay any more, mostly because of their Global Shipping Program.

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    • That’s very true. It is important for people to resist paying inflated prices. As long as some sellers feel they can get away with overcharging they will continue to do it.


  4. Not so much e-bay for me as greedy sellers, I have told a few they should check the high inventory and compare their stuff to what else is offered. I go in on a wish list w/ a cap on price. But still, there are a few grail dolls I won’t ever get because I get out bid., just saying.

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    • I still use eBay quite a bit because for me even before Covid 19 there were not a lot of options. However, I have almost given up buying from overseas because by the time you factor in the poor exchange rate, GST and shipping it just isn’t worth it.


  5. I think this is disgusting. I even asked the seller why they marked up the price so high. I was very polite too. Funnily enough I haven’t had a reply as yet. Would anyone reading this item please let others know about not only this markup but any others they see so nobody gets so badly ripped off. I hate to see any buyer get ripped off. We all know that in present times we need to stretch out our budget With those losing jobs and everything I especially want others to be warned that they could get ripped off by greedy selfish sellers anywhere. More and more often there are people who think they can do something like this. I think it is just about as bad as scamming people. I call it legal scamming myself. Anyway happy buying and bidding for you favourite items and remember to compare prices and check anything that sellers tell you are rare, collectable and original etc. Most sellers are honest but genuine mistakes can be made. Also some words are bandied about a bit to get a sell so check, check and double check. Have fun and take care always.


  6. Just a quick thought I had. Please feel free to let us know here if you see any rip off to do with dolls and hobbies etc. We would be happy to mention it here to help warn people before they buy.

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  7. My thoughts on this are: Nobody is making anybody bid on anything. If somebody wants something badly enough, it’s their option to buy it. Some things are not available in certain places, and people are willing to pay outrageous prices to obtain them.That’s up to them. Some things are also extremely hard to find, because they are short case pack items and stores get so few of them.I would say this item, being a gay family,is probably available in very small quantities, and not at all in certain places. That makes it more scarce,more collectable, and worth more. As a former seller,I have to say,the seller may have bought the item from a store, and may have had to go to quite a few stores to find it.They did the work to find it, so are entitled to the extra money.There are many cases where an item is still available online,but people are buying the same thing on Ebay for exorbitant prices. In that case,”Buyer beware!” Always check the online sales before buying at crazy prices.But in the end,if you want it and are willing to pay the price, that’s your choice.


    • Thanks for your point of view. I agree that buyers need to do their research first. That was our point in posting about this, that there were other options. I also agree that if you really want something you will probably pay whatever you have to . I’ve done that. I don’t have a problem with sellers making a profit but I did feel ten times the selling price was too much.


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