Fashion Doll Friday: Holiday Barbie 2012

Today’s Friday Girl is a new kid on the block. I bought her loose from eBay and the seller was not too sure who she was but thought she might be one of the Holiday Barbies. I thought that she might be the 2017 Holiday Barbie but I admit that I am not 100% sure either.

Update: Thanks to Laurel who correctly identified her as the 2012 Holiday Barbie.

Her hair, when she arrived, was what the seller kindly described as “windblown” so she spent her first afternoon with me at the day spa getting tidied up. She has such a beautiful face, I love the Mackie sculpt.

You will no doubt be seeing her again in the near future.



  1. I’m not a fan of the Holiday Barbie dolls because of their big gowns, but your new girl looks terrific in that blue outfit. Lovely eyes and you did a great job on her hair.

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  2. She is beautiful. Is it me or does her face look very similar to Jan? She looks like Jan with long hair. You’ve done a brilliant job on her hair and her outfit is very nice too.


    • Yes, she does look like Jan. I thought that too. Of course they have the same face sculpt but I think the make up is somewhat similar. I might have to photograph them together for comparison


  3. I do not believe she is the 2017 Holiday Barbie, I have the Hispanic one w/ a bent arm, yours is actually quite more attractive. The Holiday B. has a darker smaller lipped smile, and the earrings are different (not gold). Your gal is a premium models so I’ll keep a look-see as she is gorgeous..

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  4. She seemed familiar.The fist one I saw was terribly overpriced to be sure, but I did find a reasonable used one, as I fell in love w/ yours. I may put her in a Barbie for President fashion pack. OR , she might fit a fancy clone bride dress that is too narrow for 80-90’s gals. Your beauty looks so much like a loose head I had that had it’s hair cut very short. When the newer gal arrives I will compare faces. It’s funny how a change in hair-style or no body,or swapped bodies on dolls can confuse me. There were some dolls on Flickr I had to double check because they were so altered.

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