A Makeover for Holiday Barbie

I have been on a bit of a buying spree recently adding some new dolls and new outfits to the Barbie collection. I am justifying these purchases as being good for my mental health while I am currently isolated at home and not sure when Naomi will be able to visit again or when I will be able to go to the shops again for anything other than food.

It’s a bit of an excuse because buying dolls is probably my biggest vice at any time. I just refuse to feel guilty about it given the current circumstances. I love my dolls and I love blogging and I also like to think that my posts might brighten the day for some of you out there as well.

My most recent purchase is this doll who I bought from eBay. Now that I’m not seeing so many new dolls that I like I’m tending to go back to my old habit of buying nice used ones. This one only needed a bit of a tidy up. This is how she looked when she arrived.

She was in pretty good shape, she just had a bit of glue on her body where her dress and been attached. That comes off easily as I’m sure you all know. Then there was the crazy hair which was knotted and dull. I spent some time combing it, first with a wide toothed comb and then with a finer one before I washed it.

It looked a lot shinier after being washed and conditioned so then I had to decide how I wanted to style it. I especially wanted to keep the waves in it. I decided that she didn’t really need a boil perm so I just divided her hair into sections and twisted them then secured them with clips. At the moment the only ones I have are human-sized. I’d like to buy some tiny butterfly clips for the fashion dolls and will probably have to do this online as well. I sprayed some gel/water mix on her hair to set it a bit and left it to dry. Later on, I pulled back some of her hair with a rubber band as she had one on her when she arrived. I quite like the effect but I may experiment a bit more with the style later. It looked very nice when I first photographed her but it still looks a bit messy at the back to me, especially after some photos this morning.

I may try rollers, I have straws and hair pins, or I may wait until I get the small clips and redo it.

My latest Barbie with the Model Muse Body.


  1. I always enjoy seeing the before and after pictures. You did a marvellous job on restyling your doll’s hair. Maybe I’m the only one, but I find combing a doll’s hair is very relaxing. Your new girl looks great in all the outfits. And yes, it does brighten the day to read blogs about dolls and see all the cheerful pictures. The doll world is a great escape; there is no pandemic there.

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    • I find it relaxing too. When I had dolls home from the Op Shop to do I’d sometimes sit down with them in the evening and do it while I watched a favourite TV show.


  2. Oh Barbie is so gorgeous!! I just want to say that Yes your posts are helping me too, I’m suffering with my mental health and there is nothing so calm and relaxing like playing dolls. I got my Pippa and Dawn dolls out of their box yesterday and spent a lovely time just playing, doing hair and putting on outfits. Infact today Pippa has invaded one of my dolls house’s much to the familys consternation. It rolled back the years and did me some good, too!

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  3. Just lovely! Your posts always brighten my day 🙂 Good for your mental health and good for those you share with! Not to mention, inspiring to your fellow doll hobbyists, like me! Never feel guilty 🙂

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  4. You can probably do a simple rag curler w/ strips of cloth, but she already looks great now! So love how she rocks all the different looks, I bet she might wear some of modern skippers things, (w/ her slim build) and think of the knitted dresses and swim wear! She is such a Star! Your blogs are keeping me from getting too annoyed w/ my hubby/cell mate. He is much more social than I and the isolation is harder for him. When I suggested he pull out the G.I. Joes and do some Jungle weeds/yard pics w/ them he gave me the usual ” are you bonkers” look. Lately finding deals for doll clothes on-line. Eventually hope to dress up more Franken-dollies.Your blogs are the BEST!! P.S. , Tell Naomi missing her input..hope all is well for her too.


  5. The doll looks wonderful after you worked your magic. Her hair just shines.

    You are not alone, I know many doll folks who are buying dolls online. The rest of us are looking and hoping to find that “dream doll.”

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  6. I think all of us look forward to your blogs and it’s great to communicate with like minded people who share the love of dolls. It is definitely good for mental health and I feel sorry for people who are isolated but with no hobbies to keep occupied. I did a photo shoot on Saturday with dolls having outside picnics as it was nice and sunny. I did a family shot with Mum, Dad, children and pet dog (Sindy’s Red Setter) and a date picnic with two couples.


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