Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Purple Lollipop Closet

I can remember only too well when I last featured this closet. I started photographing it in 2015 only to find that one of the outfits had been misplaced and was at Naomi’s house in Oatlands. I planned to pick it up the next time I visited but then David got sick and a year went by before I was able to get it and finally finish the post.

Let’s see if we can do it a bit faster this time.

The complete closet

The management of Cruikshanks Department store likes to give the younger people who work at the store opportunities to do new things and take on more responsibility. That’s why Vivienne often asks some of her younger staff in the fashion departments to run the photoshoots. Natalie and Lisa have both had a turn so today Vivienne has booked studio time for Petra and Penny. The two girls are good friends so they decide that they will sit in on each other’s photoshoots. Penny works in the shoe department so she has thoughtfully brought up a few pairs of shoes for those hard to fit feet. Petra normally works in a different part of the store selling gifts, ornaments and other home decor items, so although she has modelled before running a fashion shoot is a very different experience for her. Petra asked Shannon, the photography student, to come along and do the photography again. Shannon was happy to oblige for the experience of working with models.

The Showrunner:

Fashion Fever Teresa Wave A
Fashion Fever Teresa Wave A aka Petra

The Models:

As the girls are allowed to ask their friends and family to be models Petra has asked her older sister Vanessa to come. Her other model is Mona who she picked from Vivienne’s list.

  • Vanessa – Petra’s sister
  • Mona – Petite Fashionista

The Photographer:

Rio de Janeiro Teresa aka Shannon.

Petra and Penny arrived early to set up the clothes. The weather was again very windy so although they would have enjoyed working outdoors they were not sorry to working in the studio. Shannon arrived followed by Petra’s models, Vanessa and Mona.

“Well I hope you have some clothes that fit me this time.” said Mona. “I looked terrible last time.”

“You are going to love these outfits.” Petra told her. “In fact you may even want to buy them yourself. They will look that good on you.”

The Fashions:

While Petra was talking to Mona Vanessa changed into the first outfit. She struck several poses for Shannon as she showed off the purple jeans and diagonally striped jumper. The shoes from the closet were a little loose but Vanessa has done this before and wasn’t worried.

Mona changed into the shorts and T-shirt which were, as Petra had promised, an excellent fit. Mona was very pleased. Penny found her a pair of sneakers that were a good fit.

Mona in shorts and T-shirt from the Purple Lollipop Closet

She was equally pleased with her next outfit, the purple print sundress.

Mona found the sundress a good fit too.

Vanessa took the T-shirt to wear with the spot print skirt and fake leather jacket. Her matching boots are also from the closet.

As Penny’s models had just arrived Petra decided that rather than doing any mixing and matching they would just have their group shots taken and break for lunch.

“I really do like these outfits Petra.” Mona told her. “I will have to pop into the store next week and see if they have any left in my size. “

“I will get the girls in the fashion department to hold them for you.” Petra polished, “Just make sure you pick them up by Wednesday.”

We will take a look at Penny’s photoshoot in our next fashion doll post.



  1. I agree – an awesome post. Just what we all need to cheer us. Every outfit in this FF Closet is bright and fun. A very nice mix of models.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All the girls look great and such a nice colour scheme. I don’t have a petite size Fashionista myself but I wonder if Mary Quant Daisy clothes would fit Mona? I have a couple but they are so expensive.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. They may fit her then, probably some Matchbox disco girls outfits may also fit, but all are quite expensive on EBay. Bratz clothes would be too small on the hips and bum, they have tiny bodies.


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