Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Orange Themed Closet

Wave F Closet
The full closet

Vivienne has been allowing some of the younger Cruikshank’s staff members to run the fashion shoots recently. Natalie, her assistant was first and Lisa and Petra have both had a turn so finally, it is Penny’s turn.

The Showrunner:

Penny in Style outfit from 2003

The Photographer:

Rio de Janeiro Teresa aka Shannon

The Models:

Penny gave a lot of thought to who she wanted to use as models. She decided to invite Ruby, who she used to work with and pick a couple of models from the list that Vivienne keeps.

  • Ruby – Black Basics
  • Tris – Divergent Tris
  • Stephanie – City Shine

The Fashions:

Stephanie in the orange dress

Stephanie is first wearing an orange party dress. Penny notices that there are a few threads hanging from the hem and snips them off. She makes a note to tell Vivienne and finds Stephanie a pair of neutral coloured shoes as she can’t wear the ones that match the dress. Stephanies’s gold handbag is from the closet.

Ruby goes to change and spots a pair of pink knee boots. “I’ll wear this outfit.” she decides. “I love these boots.”

“I was going to have Tris wear that,” Penny tells her. “I didn’t think the skirt or boots would fit you. But OK as long as you don’t mind Tris.” Tris assures the other girls that she really doesn’t care what she wears. The skirt is a bit loose on Ruby but she wears it low on her hips. Tris takes the remaining outfit, cotton print pants and an orange satin top worn with shoes from the closet.

Ruby loves the boots from this outfit.

Despite things not being quite as Penny had planned she was quite pleased with how the photoshoot turned out. She gathers her models together for the group shot and then Shannon suggests that she should take some of the whole group as Petra, Vanessa and Mona have stayed to watch.

Shannon thanks Petra and Penny for asking her to come and promises that she will send the photos on as soon as she has processed them. She has some new software that she wants to try out.



  1. How fun, I love orange and warm pink or red sets.So many options paired w/ basics too. I imagine Rubys top and Tris’s pants w/ Stephanies shoes, or Stephanies dress w/ Rubys shrug and boots, Also Tris top w/ Pennys pain white pant and Stephanies or Tris’s, shoe . So many looks! Warm and wonderful, fun AND fabulous! Brava!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another great show and some lovely group photographs. All the models are beautiful, as someone who nearly always goes for long haired dolls, I really like Tris’s short hairstyle, it makes a nice change.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love these outfits, especially what Tris is wearing. This set has a beautiful colour scheme. The “Love love…” sweater is one I would like to find, it’s gorgeous. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a fabulous fashion shoot! That’s a marvellous FF Closet – something else to add to my long Wish List. In the meantime I can enjoy looking at all the beautiful outfits on your girls. I’m glad to see Tris join the shoot. I bought this doll for her hairstyle, too, but she also has a sweet face.

    Liked by 1 person

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