Fashion Doll Friday: Juicy Couture Brunette 2004

Today’s Friday Girl is another new arrival who I bought loose and nude on eBay recently. She is Juicy Couture from 2004. I haven’t yet decided on a name for her. I do remember these dolls being released but at the time they were out of my price range and I wasn’t crazy about the original outfit. Like most brunettes, she looks pretty good in red though.



  1. Definitely one for the brunettes, I bet the AA girls would also look great in it. I like wearing red myself and usually get compliments when I do despite being blonde and pale skinned. I wish I had the height and figure to wear a dress like that (LOL)

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  2. I have a book called “Colour me Beautiful” by Carol Jackson (and others about fashion) I’m a Winter too, now I know why Autumnal colours don’t suit me!
    I’ve never been keen on redheads wearing red though, my son is a redhead and I always dressed him in lots of green, blue or yellow when he was little. It’s the same with the dolls, I rarely put a redhead in red, but that’s just my personal opinion.

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    • I used to have the book, I lost it somewhere but I’m the same I don’t really like my redheads in red either. I usually favour the autumn colours for them.


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