Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Fuchsia & Pink Closet

The full closet

When I showed this closet last time I commented that I really liked some of the pieces but others made me wonder what Mattel was thinking. I like the colours and the fabrics but to me, the scale of the red check outfits looks a bit too large for Barbie scale and that woollen dress just makes me feel itchy. However, let’s see what Jan and her models make of it.

Today Jan has asked her friend Joanne to help out. She also picked Kirsty and Gigi as she felt that the outfits would look good on younger models. Kirsty has modelled these outfits before and Jan thinks Gigi would look good in a sack. Midge is, of course, doing the photos.

The Showrunner:

Jan in the pink coat.

The Models:

  1. Kirsty
  2. Gigi
  3. Joanne

The Photographer:


The day did not begin well. After taking a few test shots Midge was not happy with the studio lighting and that prompted Jan to suggest a move outside. The weather was dull but as no rain was forecast Midge agreed.

The Fashions:

Meanwhile, Kirsty and Gigi were having some issues with the clothes. “I love this little suit.” said Kirsty “but I feel like the jacket is going to pop open at any moment so I’m keeping my top on under it. The colour will match anyway.”

Gigi was struggling with the check dress. “It’s a bit small,” she commented.”This lace at the top doesn’t cover much but if I pull the dress up it doesn’t cover my bottom. I am glad I wore tights.” Poor Gigi found the shoes very uncomfortable too. Kirsty had a partial solution. After she had been photographed she gave Gigi the jacket to wear over her dress.

Kirsty in the matching skirt and jacket.

Joanne was surprised to find that the check pants were quite a good fit. She quite liked the top but was not so keen on the braces which she felt were unnecessary. She was even able to get the boots on although they did not fit well. Her brown bag matches the boots.

After handing Gigi her jacket Kirsty grabbed the shawl collared jumper to wear with the skirt. She was glad of it as the breeze had become stronger and it was getting chilly. Kirsty’s shoes and bag are also from the closet.

Kirsty in the jumper and skirt.

It was then Joanne’s turn to wear the skirt. At this point, Midge told Jan that she felt that the breeze was getting a bit strong and she would not take any more photos at the edge of the roof. She also suggested that Jan keep things moving. Jan asked Joanne to change into another top but to keep the skirt on. The skirt had an elastic waist so it was not too bad a fit on Joanne.

Gigi was glad that it was her turn to wear the jumper. She wore it with knee length cropped pants which were made of a woollen fabric and squeezed her feet into the boots which didn’t fit her any better than they had Joanne.

Gigi in the jumper and shorts.

Finally Jan asked Kirsty if she would wear the check dress. Kirsty agreed to do so but decided to wear it with her own top as it was by now far too chilly for wardrobe malfunctions. Jan thought it actually looked quite good that way.

Kirsty wore her own top under the dress.

It was time for the group photos and Midge set them up quickly so that they could all get out of the wind.

Editors Notes:

I was surprised that the check dress didn’t fit Gigi or Kirsty very well. I had a look to see who modelled it last time around and I see that I had put it on Nicole who had the Model Muse body. So those girls will be the ones getting to wear it in future. I love the little skirt and jacket but it does annoy me that the snap on the jacket is always visible no matter who I put it on. I should probably replace it with something less obvious or remove it altogether.

The pink top that Kirsty has on is not part of the closet but ended up in the same bag for some reason. It matches quite well, doesn’t it?

During the shooting for this post poor Gigi actually took a fall off the balcony. I was very relieved to find that not only was she undamaged, she had not even lost her shoes.



  1. The girls all look great and were very professional despite the difficulties with fitting and the weather. Wind is a real pain when you’re trying to do a photo shoot, even a light breeze can ruin things. Many times I’ve set up a really good shot and the wind has blown a doll or an accessory over before I take the shot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gigi’s mishap took me by surprise because it didn’t seem that windy but I was working from a different part of the balcony than usual because I wanted a slightly different background. After that I decided to retreat to a safer spot.


  2. Wow, the colors are amazing! I think I have the shorts and will try them on one of my Star girls w/ the slim build. I’m curious if either Skipper/Olson twins can wear these? Also the short bodied gals.I have a slim Integrity gal I bet these would fit as well. I think I should put this on a major wish-list as I adore the sweater/jumper, even the pant’s w/ suspenders! Love this set! How well this all goes w/ Barbie’s pink obsession! I bet some of my vintage things would work here fun! Awesome blog!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that the shorts/crop pants would work on a smaller body. The jumper, skirt and jacket are my favourite pieces in this set. I like all the tops too.


  3. Who knew modelling could be so dangerous?! Glad to hear Gigi survived her fall with no damage. I prefer to take photos outdoors, but agree that even a slight breeze can cause issues. I love all the bright colours in this FF Closet. My favourite piece is the shawl-collared jumper; it looks so cosy. The top under the check dress was a brilliant idea. These Fashion Fever Closets are definitely worth hunting down.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love Gigi’s outfit, i like Gigi too, forgive me if you’ve said previously but what doll series is she from? I’m so glad she didn’t suffer any damage from her fall. Hope it hasn’t put her off doing any future shoots!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gigi is a celebrity doll sculpted to the likeness of model Gigi Hadid. I had never heard of her prior to seeing the doll so that wasn’t a factor in my buying it. Gigi is a trooper and carried on with the shoot but I will be more careful in future.


  5. I’m bidding on part of this collection but so far it’s a close auction, a lot of the best pieces were missing too..I will have to use the day-to night pink sparly1pcw/ whats left. GiGi will just have to share if I get it.She was a good mosel for these w/ her lovely pink lips.Glad she is all right.

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  6. What a fun photo shoot. The colors are lovely. I like Kirsty’s poses the best.

    Poor Gigi. I am glad she is alright. I am sure that you have special “models'” insurance for these things (smile).


  7. These fashions are from the times where Mattel decided to re-size Barbie. She was slightly shorter and smaller in general. It’s hit and miss when tried on other dolls. There are some nice pieces though.

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  8. That huge lot w/some of these and some pink ones sold for $201.00 ! Crazy, certainly pays to buy these sets when you see them. Found another lot w/ the velvet 2pc, Jumper/sweater and shorts I could afford. No shoes so will have my star gals go Cali style/barefoot.(I even re-bodied my Victoria Beckham onto a slightly smaller body as the Galoob dolls are more like the 80’s90’s ones ..too big in the chest/ribs.. She can be my consultant or a model. Your gals looks would make fun mini mag. fashion layouts in a coffee table book.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t have any Star dolls, am I right in thinking regular Barbie shoes don’t fit them. I think that is the main reason I didn’t buy one at the time they came out. That and having to get it from OS because they were not sold here.
      I’d love to do some kind of coffee table book, that would be a lot of fun to set up.
      These days when I see Fashion Ave or Fashion Fever going at a decent price I grab them. I can’t afford the big lots usually and I don’t really want too many duplicates. I have that trouble buying for Sindy now that I have so many of the original outfits I wanted. If I see a lot on eBay I usually have several bits already. I’ll buy them if they are in better condition or to get HTF accessories. Eventually I will sell some of my Sindy extras.


  9. Not generally seeing many HTF I “have to have” anyway but your set blends so well with my random assortment I can really enjoy the upgrade. I love duplicates and series, the duplicates let me try out different looks w/o always stripping off redressing certain dolls. The stars are so like model muse w/ smaller feet.Don’t even think I’ll try to get them shoes. If I come across something in a swap-meet o.k. but otherwise I display shoeless unless a doll is missing feet. As ever I prefer the artistry of home-made’s, for all dolls and mostly seek these.

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