Fashion Doll Friday: Hamilton Designs “Santa’s Helper” Candi 1997

Today’s Friday Girl was last featured about four years ago. She is Hamilton Design Systems Santa’s Helper Candi aka Prudence or Prue as her family call her.

Of my few Candi dolls Prue is by far my favourite as I think she has the nicest face. She originally came wearing a red and white elf type outfit but I bought her nude.



  1. She has a lovely face and great hairstyle too. I remember when she was featured in a Mother’s day post wearing a blue knitted jumper. Yummy Mummy!

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  2. Such a cheerful face and great colouring. That scarf is a wonderful accessory. Always great to see one of the Candi dolls.

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  3. Bond gal worthy. Looks wonderful in everything she wears. Truly fun dolls to dress! They “fill out” the plus size Barbie stuff in the most flattering way, upgrade home- mades’s. Looks great with cross-over collections of Celebs, and classics (Action man/spy’s).Looks fabulous in a bathing suit, so for me the best Bang for my buck. Great Fashion Friday ..or for me ,day ahead sneak peek/Thursday. Though I know I will sneak a peek at the other Candi post you’ve done just for fun.

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