Fashion Doll Friday: Steppin Out Barbie 1999

Today’s Friday Girl is a newcomer. She is Steppin’ Out Barbie from 1999 and was part of my birthday present from Naomi. This doll was originally dressed in a glamourous black gown and a white fur stole representing evening fashions in the 1930s. She has the Mackie face which is one of my favourites and her styled hair is rock solid with whatever Mattel use to keep hair in place. As she is pre-2000 Steppin’ Out Barbie has the older TNT body so she will look very nice in Fashion Avenue.

I remember when this series of dolls came out. I thought they were all very nice. I didn’t buy them at the time because, as a new collector, I was mostly buying cheap and playline dolls. How I wish I could jump in a TARDIS and go back to the late nineties to pick up some of those dolls. They seem such bargains now.

Anyway Myrtle as she is now known came without clothes. In these photos she is dressed in some homemade/generic clothing which was a birthday present from my friend Gillian in Melbourne. You will be seeing some more of these and other outfits in a future post.



  1. I had a giggle over “her styled hair is rock solid”. Usually I wash out the gel, but with hairstyles like this the gel actually does a nice job of keeping the hair in place. Myrtle has such a pretty face and I love this kind of hairstyle. She’ll look perfect in any kind of fashion. And, yes, I think we all have regrets about dolls or doll outfits that we missed out on. So it’s wonderful when we can buy or are giftted these dolls.

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  2. She is a stunner. I have a Spiegel gal w very geled hair but as she resides in a display w/ my repos it hasn’t been an issue, plus no hair fly-aways.. Your gal looks like you fashion show gals, almost bond girl or Hitchcock movie starlets beautiful. Wonder what she’d look like on the red carpet, or in your red knit dress? So many wonderful looks to explore. Happy be-lated!

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  3. This is just a quick note to let you know that the doll blogger at asked folks to list doll blog sites that they follow. I listed your site as one of my favorites.

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  4. Myrtle is beautiful. “Her styled hair is rock solid” made me smile too. I remember the “big hair” of the eighties where I’d spend ages styling my hair and spraying it into place, only for the wind to mess it up again however much hairspray I used. I wish we could all go back in time and buy the dolls we wished we’d got at the time.
    I hope you had a lovely birthday despite the lockdown. Brilliant presents from Naomi and Gillian.

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