Jan Saves The Day

One sunny Saturday afternoon Midge was booked to work at a charity event at a city park and she invited Jan to go along. “You’ll enjoy it. There are stalls selling clothes and shoes and so on,” she explained. Jan did not need to be asked twice. She had a wonderful time looking at the various stalls while Midge worked. After she’d done her first round of all the stalls she went to find Midge and see if she’d like a cold drink. While the two of them were chatting Jan noticed a young woman in a striking gold outfit. As she looked closer she thought that her face looked familiar. “Midge, don’t you think that looks like Myrtle Sloane who was at school with us?” Midge looked over. “I haven’t seen her in years but there is a resemblance. “

Myrtle in a retro gold outfit.

“Let’s go and see.” said Jan. “I want to talk to her about that outfit anyway.”

The girls hurried over to speak to her. “Yes.” said Myrtle.”I am Myrtle Sloane and I do remember both of you. I saw your name on the pass list.” she added, turning to Midge. “But it didn’t occur to me that “M Atkins” was you. I’d like to chat but I’m afraid I’m really busy at the moment. I’m helping the organiser, who is a friend of my mother, to run a little fashion parade of some of the things our stallholders have. My sister Serena was supposed to be here helping as well but I can’t find her. She was going to model the clothes. “

Jan’s eyes lit up. “Maybe I could help you.” she suggested.

“Really? Would you? You know much more about this sort of thing than I do. “

“Just lead me to the clothes.” Jan told her.

“These clothes are a bit of a mixture of everything, “Myrtle explained when they reached the changing area. “Some of them look a bit old to me but I don’t really know a lot about fashion. Can you pick a few of the best things and model them, please? We have a man and some children modelling as well so I’ll rotate you all so everyone has time to change. That should work shouldn’t it?”

Jan assured her that it would and eagerly started sorting through the clothes, talking to Myrtle about them as she looked. Here is what she chose.

Hot pants, tube top and matching socks.

Cotton print skirt and peasant-style blouse.

Even Jan was not too sure how this was meant to be worn. She would have liked some boots with it.

Jan in cropped pants and matching top.
vintage nightgown or ballgown.

The parade ended with a traditional wedding gown.

At the end of the day Myrtle asked Midge and Jan to have some afternoon tea with her. She wanted to thank Jan for saving the day with the fashion parade. Jan assured her that she thoroughly enjoyed herself. “Tell your mother’s friend that if she ever needs help running one of these again I’d be more than happy to come.”

Midge, Jan and Myrtle

Note: The clothes are a mixture of homemade and generic untagged items. Some of them do look like they could be from the eighties or maybe nineties to me. I do have a few more modern-looking pieces to show but I’m saving them for a different post. They were all part of my birthday present from Gillian.



  1. I agree that this is a fun post. I enjoyed the story as much as the photos. A very nice variety of styles and colours. I’m sure a lot of love and time went into the clothes that are handmade, especially that pretty yellow knit robe. I love the white knit sweater with the roll collar that Midge is wearing.

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  2. Why on earth would Jan wear those clothes? They look like they came from an op shop? The first red outfit is awful and the knitted outfits look like the awful things that lady used to to sell on eBay. I’m blunt sometimes like our Mum. I don’t like any of these clothes at all.Sorry if any feelings are hurt.


  3. lol, um o.k., I love the range in styles, as I’m plus size and do shop op shop these day’s,I think the wedding dress and knitted pieces except Jan’s lovely sweater might fit a plus gal. I thought the shorts and legging outfit fun. The red outfits might mix and match all kinds of things for summer. I did like the long yellow dress as I have a few Barbies/clones that wear yellow quite well.The show stopper/stand-out though was the gold out-fit w/ hat.The casual outfits on the bottom of course suited them best. Fun stuff. Making me miss my Saturdays at the swap-meet in San Diego, anyones guess what mix of things I might find there!


    • btw..tell Naomi finding some fun mego mini 8″ Kiss figures..can’t deside if they should end up in a Trek adventure or get lost in OZ.(only have two so far.)


    • Apart from the shorts which were a perfect fit and the gold outfit most of the clothing was a bit large for a Barbie body. It may have been originally made for a doll with different proportions . The blue dress in particular was huge on Jan. This is the reason that when I knit for the fashion dolls I use two or three ply but many of the old patterns I have use 4ply. I think it is a bit too chunky myself but a mum or grandma who is aksed to make something “now” will use what she has on hand.


  4. Very true have had more misses than hits w/ yarn work, I have a repo head on a Takara wired body w/ a large bosom and a tiny waist. I Thought the shorts outfit would go great on either cheer-leader dolls or great shape Barbie.As for the Kiss figure from E-bay I have Paul Stanley/Starchild. Gene Simmons /the Demon will come either end of this month or early June. As usual I spent my birthday money right away, lol. If I’m very good I can look for the others next month or in July for my Anniversary. It’s funny, thought these figures were going to be *” but think they are (” putting them into more of the Giant aliens for Trek, verses hanging out in Oz..

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    • * oops, 8″, they are 9″a whole other scale but still great for MIB display next to my MIB Spike from Buffy and the Vampire slayers.. Lost my bid on Cedric tri-wizard champion doll, but think I got a very dirty Great shape Ken to go in my Toy Story stuff. Hey, did you know there’s a Coca cola Santa? Same seller as Ken had him cheap.Plus I can now swap out a portly drew Carey body for a slimmer articulated body (maybe).Crossing fingers.

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  5. I like the wedding gown and the lemon gown (I think it looks more like a nightdress, like Sindy’s dreamboat outfit)
    the hot pants and matching socks are cute too. It’s nice to have home made things as well, a lot of them are OOAK. Well done to Jan for saving the day, she modelled the outfits very well. Myrtle’s gold outfit is stunning.

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