Fashion Doll Friday: Ideal Tammy

I promised you all recently that I would run a Tammy photo soon but as I have not taken the Tammy’s out of storage yet here is a rerun to be going on with.

Today’s Friday Girl is one of my straight legged made in Japan Tammy’s. I actually don’t think that she has been a Friday Girl before. Most of my previous Fashion Doll Friday Tammy posts seem to have been either Reliable Tammy from Canada, my childhood Hong Kong Tammy, Naomi’s unusual red head Tammy or Grown Up Tammy.

These are older photos that I took a few years ago. She is a very pretty girl, isn’t she? I’ll try to take some new pictures soon.



  1. Tammy is so beautiful and has lovely face colour. I also have Ideal Tammy with the same colour hair. I bought her with birthday money and she came to me all the way from Wisconsin in the USA. It was cheaper to do that than buy form a seller in the UK, and that includes all the postage! I also have my English Tammy who is identical to yours. Great minds!

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    • I’d never seen a high colour Tammy before I discovered eBay. I thought they were all like my HK girl who would probably have looked odd to an American or Canadian child.


  2. Beauty.Sweet face sweet oufit.Remind me of my “Blondie” but sure yours is way more high color. Have to take her out of storage for a breather, maybe swap out her latest outfit.Fun stuff.Great Blog!

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  3. She is very pretty. It’s interesting how different in colouring the made in Japan Tammy’s are from the Hong Kong ones. I should try and do a bit with her hair though.


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