Fashion Doll Friday: Hamilton Designs African American Candi

This week’s Friday Girl Candi by Hamilton Design Systems. She is a rerun but as she hasn’t been a Friday Girl for a few years I decided to take some new photos of her this week.



  1. She’s very pretty and looks great in that dress, the colour really suits her. I remember her being pictured on your other blog about making your own dolls clothes. I don’t have a Candi in my collection but looking at the prices on EBay they are beyond my price range (unless one turns up in an Op shop!)

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    • They were still relatively cheap and the exchange rate and postage were better when I got her. If I was starting to collect now I would not be able to buy as many dolls as I did when I began collecting.


  2. I think I got mine in a lot, otherwise she would have been more, but your AA gal is a grail doll for me. I Keep looking for her, but might have to save up. I even might have a knitted dress to put her in. I can’t recall what did you name her?


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