Digital Paper Dolls

Naomi recently gave me some Tammy paper dolls that she had printed out from a pdf file. As you know she loves to buy vintage paper dolls and reproductions but now the cost of shipping the repro books has become so high that it’s hard to justify buying them any more so she has turned to digital downloads.

These paper dolls are Tammy and her fashions, the only problem was that when Naomi printed them she discovered that the doll was way bigger than the clothes meaning that we are going to have to fiddle with the settings to either reduce the size of the doll or increase the size of the clothes.

I decided that I would photograph the fashions because they are very nice. I have not looked yet to see if they are actual Tammy fashions. Paper doll makers often reproduced the actual clothes the dolls had and they are actually a great reference for finding vintage outfits. While I was going through them I discovered a second doll who is the same size as the clothes so about half of them can be used. As often happens the two dolls are facing in opposite directions so they can’t share oufits.

Small Tammy

I haven’t photographed everything in detail but when we have figured out the sizes, cut the dolls out and put them on a cardboard backing I will definitely do that.



  1. This brings back memories of many happy hours spent playing with paper dolls. Such a shame that these beautifully illustrated dolls and clothes are no longer being produced.
    Unfortunately the cost of shipping has affected all aspects of the doll hobby.
    I hope you and Naomi will be able to resize the dolls & clothes.

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    • As the second doll is in scale with the clothes I think I would try to scale the larger one down even though I think the originals might have been larger. We didn’t mind paying $25 for a couple of paper doll books to be shipped. If you bought two or three it was manageable but now it’s more like $50 and by the time we’ve added GST which we never used to have to pay, and accounted for the exchange rate it just comes out as too much. We could use that money for buying more stuff. We occasionally buy from the UK as a lot of our interests are British toys and from Canada as the shipping is slightly less mad.


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