A Stroll Down Fashion Avenue

I’ve been saving my recent Fashion Avenue purchases until I had enough for a proper post. I’ve bought three in the past few months. For those of you who like to know what’s what they are:

  • Sweet/Charm Styles 24288 – Evening Star 1999– This was an outfit that Naomi and I looked all over Adelaide for and could not find. It turned up on eBay recently and I jumped at the chance to buy it.
  • Boutique Collection 18128 -1997 – I bought this recently because I do like nice daywear. My girls don’t spend all their time going to parties and balls.
  • International Collection Fall 1996 – Naomi got me this one NRFB as part of my birthday present. Of course, I de-boxed it!

Now let’s see what Vivienne and the girls are up to.

It was a Sunday afternoon and Vivienne had asked Midge if she was free to take some photos. “Bring Jan along.” she suggested. “I have something she’d like to see.”

Jan always loves seeing Vivienne’s fashion collection but she had made plans to meet her old school mate Myrtle in the morning. “Of course you may bring her along,” Vivienne said graciously when Jan asked.

When the three girls arrived they found that Vivienne and Becky also had a guest. “This is Victoria, she’s our aunt, rather a young aunt. ” she added smiling.

The Showrunner:

Pilot Barbie 1999
Pilot Barbie 1999

The Models:

  • Myrtle Sloane – Stepping Out Barbie
  • Becky Cruikshank -Black Basics Barbie
  • Victoria Cruikshank – Happy Birthday Barbie 1998

The Fashions:

“There are just three outfits today” Vivienne explained to Midge. After that, I’ll show you all what I bought recently. ” Jan was dying to know what it was but Vivienne enjoys keeping her in suspense. She surprised Vivienne by turning down the chance to model an outfit though. “Let Myrtle do it,” she suggested, wanting her to feel included.

Becky in Evening Star

Becky, who had been getting changed while Vivienne chatted to her guests, was ready first. “This dress is called “Evening Star,” said Vivienne. Becky remarked that she thought it was a very nice after five dress and that she liked the matching clutch purse. The shoes, of course, did not fit her.

Victoria’s outfit was a black and white pinstripe dress over a pale pink chiffon blouse. Victoria is a TNT so everything fit her very well including the matching stockings and shoes. “I would wear this to work,” said Victoria but I would have liked the skirt to have been a bit longer.

The last outfit was the one Vivienne had put aside for Jan but was being worn by Myrtle. It was the most elaborate outfit of the three with lots of accessories, a lacy scarf, gloves and a beret as well as matching stockings. Myrtle took it all in her stride, however. “I often have to go to dressy functions with my mother,” she explained to the others.

“I am going to get changed. ” Vivienne told Midge. “Will you take their group shot without me, please? If I keep Jan in suspense much longer I am afraid she will burst.

Like Jan, you will have to wait for the next post to see what Vivienne bought. In the meantime here are a few out-takes from today’s shoot.



  1. Very pretty. fashions. I see some great fun w/ maybe using tights w/ a few of these, boots/skates ,lends themselves to fun..Myrtle was my favorite I could see this as a skating/sleighing outfit for winter..it photographs so well!

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  2. Oh no, we have to wait to see what Vivienne bought?!! All three outfits are wonderful, but my personal favourite is the Evening Star dress. It looks great on Becky with her blonde hair, but I think it would look fab on any doll. It’s nice to get things NRFB, but deboxed outfits bring the most pleasure. Another wonderful fashion show!

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    • I was going to include Vivienne’s purchase in the post but decided it would run a bit long if I did so like Jan you’ll have to wait but not long I promise.


  3. Another great fashion show, the girls model so well. Beautiful fashions too. Like Jan, we’re all looking forward to seeing what Vivienne has bought!


  4. I miss the Fashion Avenue era so much! The clothes were really good quality and very detailed. I also liked the fact that they had like a theme to them, or that they belong to a certain collection. From the ones you showed, I only remember the black dress with stars. I wish Mattel would take a look back to what they were doing back then and give us something similar but following today’s trends.

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    • So do I but they market to 3-7 year olds. For some reason adults don’t seem to think small children can play with any toys that are detailed in any way. Funny because my generation managed but of course we played with our dolls for longer and you would not have given a fashion doll to a three year old then.


  5. New to this site and I love it. I also love all things Barbie and I am trying to find an outfit I had back in the 1990’s. I’ll do my best to describe it.
    It had a simple white pencil skirt with a snap and a kick pleat I believe. It was quality material, held its shape very well, not see through.
    The top was a sleeveless, torquoise, ribbed turtleneck that came a little below her waist, with velcro the length of the back if I’m not mistaken. It might have had a bow or flower at the neck. And there were high heels to match the shirt. I don’t know if they came together, or as separates, but I’ve been looking for the outfit for years and haven’t run across any of it.
    And it was in the era of the better quality, Fashion Avenue line.


    • Hi Tia, I’m glad you like our site. http://www.fashionave.info/ is my favourite site for Fashion Avenue fashions but no doubt you have looked there already. The outfit you describe is not ringing any bells with me, maybe the pieces were separates. I’ll certainly let you know if I run across it as I’m sure other readers will. We have a pretty knowledgeable bunch of readers. Pop back in any time and check out the comments.


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