Vivienne’s Vintage Surprise

In our last post Vivienne had just finished doing a fashion shoot with some Fashion Avenue outfits and had promised to show her guests a vintage outfit she had bought.

While Midge was photographing the models group photo she slipped into her bedroom to get changed.

Vivienne in vintage stewardess outfit

Everyone was suitably impressed to see this vintage airline stewardess outfit. “I thought you would like it.” commented Vivienne. “Yes Jan, you may try it on afterwards.” she added knowing what Jan was going to say next.

The suit actually fit Jan a little better at the top than it did Vivienne although the skirt was a tiny bit loose. While they were having a cup of tea afterwards Midge promised to give everyone prints of of the shoot as usual.

When they got them a few days later both Vivienne and Jan were surprised to see what Midge had done with them.

Never Let The Facts Get In The Way Of A Good Story

I originally thought that this outfit was Pan American Airlines but in fact, it is the American Airlines uniform, no. 984 first issued in 1961. The accessories are a cap, open toe black sandals (Did they really wear such an impractical shoe?), a black shoulder bag and the American Airways carry on bag.

The outfit is in pretty good condition. The material of the bodysuit is very thin and I won’t be handling it too much. It will go on to one of the vintage dolls or into storage for a future photoshoot. I imagine that most of the accessories will be either too hard or too expensive for me to get but I will look out for them.



  1. Both Vivienne an Jan look great in this outfit, and what a clever thing Midge did with the photos. Jan and Vivienne look like they are really on board the aeroplane. I haven’t got a deboxed air stewardess outfit. I have all the Pedigree Sindy collection in the BOAC and BEA outfits, but they are NRFB. Hmm maybe…

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    • I have seen several of the accessories on eBay at not unreasonable prices but the shipping is completely insane. Honestly I don’t understand your postal system at all. How can the same item be $27, $34, $40 and $88 to ship. Does what state is comes from make so much difference?


  2. not in my experience..nor the time for delivery..local sometimes is longer than out of state. As I’m not a seller w/ shipping discount6s for multi- shipping I get an everymans rate,plus if I send Fed-Ex..closest to me if not by regular post it’s quite a bit more.I’m in the city but our address is county, we often get swap outs of new drivers.I once had to wait 20 minutes for my mail because the driver bumped the fender of my neighbors car.It is reliable if odd at times.If I was/had a business I could perhaps get a lower rate.


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