Ideal Tearie Dearie

As a child Naomi loved her Tearie Dearie doll. She has two now, bought to replace the original doll. The first one Naomi bought was not quite the same so when she saw another one who was exactly like her childhood doll she bought her as well.

Tearie Dearie in her case.

Tearie Dearie is a drink and wet doll and I think that Ideal released her in 1964. Naomi got her Tearie Dearie in Australia around 1967. I am not sure if Tearie Dearie was a replacement for Ideal’s popular drink and wet doll Betsy Wetsy or if they were sold concurrently. Here is an old ad that I found on Pinterest. I did not know that she had extra outfits or the little chest of drawers. I doubt they were sold here. We don’t have the little bottles but we can probably find them one each.

Photo sourced from Pinterest

Tearie Dearie’s carrying case was quite a clever idea. As well as storing the doll it could be used as a cradle with or without legs, or, by putting the perspex lid inside it became a bathtub. Lots of play value for little girls.

As far as I am aware Tearie Dearie was only made in one hair colour which I’d call a strawberry blonde. The dolls are just nine inches tall and have sleep eyes and a nurser mouth. ( I just learned that term so I wanted to stick it in there).

They are marked on their backs with the Ideal logo and ” c1964 Ideal Toy Corp Made in Hong Kong”. Such a lot of writing for such a little doll.

The Ideal doll marks

Both of these dolls are in very good condition and out of their dresses they are hard to tell apart. Miss Yellow Dress has slightly darker eyebrows and a small discoloured patch on her face. Miss Red Dress has very slight fading to her eyebrows and lashes. They were a bit dusty from storage and Miss Red Dress had a few marks on her body so I gave them a quick bath, washed their hair and washed their little dresses. That’s all they needed.

In case you were wondering, Naomi’s original Tearie Dearie wore the red and white sundress, but the other one is very nice too.



  1. how lovely that Naomie managed to find two Tearie Dearie dolls that bring back her childhood! I am English, and “the” drink & wet doll of the 60s was Palitoys Tiny Tears. I’ve looked on eBay several times, in search of one that looked like the doll I had, but with no success.

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    • It’s always harder to find one exactly like the one you had as a child. That’s how Naomi ended up with two. I think that Palitoy manufactured Tiny Tears under licence from American Character the same as they did for Tressy so you could try searching for an AC Tiny Tears as well if you just want the look.

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  2. These are sweet little dolls. Like Claire93, I remember Tiny Tears being “the” drink and wet doll, also in the 70s. My sister had Teeny Tiny Tears, Tiny Tears little sister. Sweet April was another crying doll but I don’t think she wet herself. You pressed a button in her back and she would cry and her arms would move up to her eyes as if to wipe her tears away. She was available in two sizes, known as “Sweet April” and “Big baby Sweet April”. I never had them myself, I was more into fashion dolls.

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  3. I got her for my birthday one year from Mum. I still remember getting her. She was one of my favourite dolls at the time because you could play with her in many different ways. Mum made me some lovely bedding for her cradle. I never had any other outfits for her to wear. I don’t think I ever named her.I can’t recall any name. She was probably just Tearie Dearie.

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  4. The crib/cradle and bath was a very clever idea. Pity you didn’t get a blanket, but lucky your mum made the bedding for you. Toys had so much more play value and were more realistic. Today it’s a battle just to get a doll out of packaging, and the packaging usually ends up trashed. Then there’s how unrealistic things look, but that’s another subject!

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  5. Charming babies! I don’t recall having a drinking/wetting baby doll though I recall asking for a “chocolate” one , whatever doll they gave me was used w/o clothes and Granny made some. Wish I still had them. I got a brother at age four so had a living doll. But I rescued a few fancy babies at the swap-meet. Still looking for the soft/sweet babies of the 60’s/etc. Thank’s Naomi for sharing yours!

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    • I am not quite sure what you mean. Her eyes were a bit dusty like the rest of her but everythng washed off. Naomi and I tend not to do much restoration unless a doll or bear is actually damaged.

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