Fashion Doll Friday: Girl Force Creanna circa 2000

Todays’ Friday Girl is a rerun of my Jakks Pacific Girl Force doll. Her name is Creanna. Jakks Pacific made several of these Girl Force dolls and the similar Charlie’s Angels dolls. I had been displaying her on a shelf until the move and over the weekend Naomi saw her in a box of dolls and asked about her so I have hauled her out and given her a bit of a clean and a fresh outfit. I used to call her Natasha.



  1. Love these dolls! The blonde was my fist I had her be the Spy w/ a Dan Akryod (sp) who’s taller doll.Or a stunt double for Cameron Diaz.Then I got a few brunettes for more spys/agents to go w/ 007 and President dolls and x-files..definitely have that vibe. Then I tried your 2 pc. gold dress as a sari thing on one of them for the Tigers curse books/Colleen Houck..The shoes don’t always work w/ everything, but I adore the 2000 Barbie for President red dress! I bought all mine nude to cut cost so don’t have a clue what they are meant to have worn..Love the name1..great blog!

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  2. She’s beautiful and I love all the outfits, my favourite is the animal print coat and hat. I also have a doll called Natasha. Mine is AA and in a wheelchair. I thought the name suited her.


    • It might, She is broad across the back but her breasts are small. I’ve tried that floral dress on several dolls now and she is the only one who can wear it modestly. The others look like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Her body is very flexible but her legs are very stiff and she really can’t sit.


  3. Also had a doll come in Sindy dress haven’t tried that one yet.These dolls are fun but the sitting thing leaves them standing in the back or against a wall. They work in displays w/ bigger dolls too.(Extra Dr.Littlechap, Super hero’s, wrestlers). I think this doll bridges the gap between Action figures and fashion dolls.

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