Fashion Doll Friday: Denim Basics #15

It’s been a while since we had a Friday Guy or anything with the guys really. I don’t have many male dolls myself. Naomi has lots but she has had to suspend “Invasion of the Guys” for some time as her guys were packed up. A couple of weeks ago she brought most of them to Sisters Beach but as she is only here on alternate weekends it may be a while before she can settle to posting about them again. However, in the meantime, I may feature them on Fashion Doll Friday as a change from the girls. Unless I say so in a post you can assume they belong to Naomi.

So, after that lengthy introduction today’s Friday Guy is Denim Basics #15, aka Tony. Tony has been around for a few years but I don’t believe we have ever featured him before. What a shame that Mattel did not include male dolls in each Basics series. They only made three. This is probably our favourite male body but unfortunately it’s hard to get clothes for them as their arms and legs are longer than the older Kens.



  1. Oh, everything about Tony is wonderful! A beautiful face and beautiful, rooted hair. No silly grin. All the Basics dolls were such good quality compared to what Mattel is churning out now. I didn’t get a lot of the Basics dolls (unfortunately!), but I cherish every one I did get. And Tony looks very stylish in his outfit. πŸ™‚

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  2. What a handsome chap, love his long, dark rooted hair. It’s good to have male dolls with proper rooted hair for a change. I have a Ken doll with a very similar face to Tony and he has fair rooted hair. I bought him in a charity shop so I’ve no idea which Ken he is, I call him Brendan. Tony’s outfit is great too, we’ve all said how difficult it is to dress the guys decently for a normal look. It’s nearly always tuxedos or beach wear and, as with the girls, one size does not fit all!

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    • That makes us crazy tuxedos and beach wear. In the 60s when Ken was first released he could match Barbie outfit for outfit. Whatever event she was dressed for he had a matching or complementary one. We’ve gone backwards.


  3. This guy is on my top 10 wish-list, w/ a similar face-mold to the Twilight Edward, he’d make a Perfect Dick Grayson/Robin to my home styled Batman w/ the Edward doll. I have tried getting him for about two years straight and bids go way higher than I can afford. As far as sizes go,When ever I see G.I. Joe stuff I can afford or the knock-offs I buy it..loose works for the guys , as well as going topless in storage, plus I look for sleeveless tees and tank tops etc.. that can be swapped out. I love the guys, love the comfy casual looks plus all the careers stuff coming out. I will get this guy eventually if it’s on Prime instead of E-bay. Great blog..thank Naomi for sharing this guy, he’s yummy!


    • Naom’s guys in storage often lose their shoes, shirts and even their pants if she is giving someone a new outfit. Edward has got expensive, he was quite cheap here at one time.


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