Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Mauve and Black Themed Closet

One of my favourite FF Closets

This week we’ll revisit a closet from 2007. This has always been one of my favourites. I love to see the girls dressed up but as in real life, nice casual clothes are much more useful than a wardrobe of party dresses and ball gowns. You can do a lot of mix and match with this set. I did notice while checking the previous post that the boots that are with the closet are not the right ones and I didn’t have the white boots although I am sure they are somewhere. I am not sure that the shoes are right either so I’ll have to keep a lookout for the correct footwear for this closet. Keeping everything in its correct bag when you mix and match outfits to suit different sized dolls can be a challenge.

Jan was keen to be the showrunner this week and made her best case to persuade Vivienne. “You did it last time.” Vivienne had some vintage pieces on the way that she knew she would be showing so she decided to let Jan have her way. Naturally, she asked Midge to help and decided that the shoot would be a good opportunity to get some of her old school friends together for the afternoon so she invited Kate, Mandy and Anna along as well.

The Showrunner:

Red Basics Barbie aka Jan

The Photographer:


The Models:

At the beginning of the session Jan excitedly told the girls that Vivienne had called her the night before and asked if she’d like to do a shoot with another set of outfits after the first one.

“So I called Sandy, Joanne, Avis and Bonnie and they will be here later on. I thought that we could all go out for a meal after we’re finished.”

Sandy arrived soon after. “Don’t mind me she told Jan, who was helping everyone get ready. “I’m happy to watch. I love the drama. Although,” she added” I don’t suppose there will be much. You have all the well-behaved ones here.”

The Fashions:

Jan loves to ring the changes with closet fashions and she quickly planned out as many variations of the outfis as she could. Of course there were the usual dramas about fit. Kate couldn’t wear most of the shoes, The jeans didn’t fit Anna properly at the waist and the skirt was too loose on both Kate and Anna but Jan managed to sort it out. There was a lot of laughing and joking as the girls are all old friends and very comfortable posing for Midge.

Kate said that of the three outfits she modelled she like the first one best. Anna fell in love with the jeans and refused to be parted from them. Her favourite outfit was the last one as the top hid the loose waist on the jeans. Mandy was a bit on the fence. “I don’t really like cropped pants and I would not normally wear horizontal and vertical stripes together so I guess the first outfit is my favourite.” she decided. “But I’d have worn that skirt with black tights, it is shorter than I like to wear.”

By the time Midge had taken the last photo the other girls had all arrived and Jan was soon busy helping them with the clothes. Kate and Mandy changed into their own clothes but Anna liked her outfit so much she decided to keep it on a bit longer.

You can see the next shoot in “A Stroll Down Fashion Avenue” coming soon to a blog near you. (This one).



  1. What a beautiful FF closet! So many different options and every piece of clothing is nice. Thanks for taking the time to mix and match all of them. And, as always, the story is fun to read, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have been working on the Mix Em Up fashions one and thought I’d photographed every variation but when I looked at the photos I realised there were few more options so I’ll have to shoot a few more pictures.


  2. Great combinations, even really liked the striped top and pants together..the Stuff on Barbie for Presient 2000 gal makes me think I should try mine in more casual wear..great set! Awesome mix..even like the purple shoes..have to look for these! Fun blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anna usually wears a lot of floral clothing but she really looked nice in these outfits apart from the poor fit round the waist. The jeans are tight though so getting them off is going to be fun.


  3. Lovely mix and match closet and a great fashion show. It’s amazing how may different combinations you can make with the clothes. Wouldn’t it be good if we could all shrink to Barbie size and try them on ourselves!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think Lilly Tomlin was in something called “the incredible shrinking woman” ..I love the variety of dolls and what they can wear. Even if I shrunk the “plus size ” stuff might annoy me w/ modern velcrow and crazy seams.Don’t even get me started on plastic closet. Think I have the purple pants.Vanda does look lovely in Lavender/purple.

    Liked by 1 person

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