A Stroll Down Fashion Avenue: Mix ‘Em Up Fashions

Jan was thrilled that Vivienne entrusted her with the job of shooting a mix and match wardrobe and naturally wanted to do it with her friends as models. As she had already used Kate, Mandy and Anna earlier the same day Jan invited her friend Avis, Kate’s sister Joanne, Sandy’s sister Mandy and Anna’s housemate and best friend Bonnie. All the girls have known each other since their schooldays and although they are all busy they try to meet up as a group from time to time.

Mix ‘Em Up Barbie wardrobe.

The Showrunner:


The Photographer:


The Models:

  • Avis – Denim Basics Barbie
  • Sandy – Swappin’ Heads Fashionista Sweetie
  • Bonnie- Frankendolly
  • Joanne – Denim Basics Barbie

The Fashions:

Jan had a lot of ideas for mixing and matching the outfits and the girls were kept busy swapping clothes with each other. Everyone agreed that it was a very versatile capsule wardrobe and that they liked the colour combinations. The only pieces that were not universally popular were the long skirt and the jeans. Bonnie, who is shorter than the others felt she was going to trip over in the skirt. Most of the girls felt that the jeans were too short even with ankle boots. All the girls liked the reversible skirt, even Bonnie who usually prefers jeans, and everyone loved the black jumper.

While the girls were posing for their group photos at the end Sandy commented “Jan, you didn’t try anything on. How come?” The girls all know how much Jan loves to try on all the fashions herself.

“Well to be honest I did.” Jan told them. “I tried them all on last night at home and although I think it is a fabulous wardrobe I just didn’t feel these were really my colours. And you all looked so great in them I was happy just to watch.”

The Group Shot with Jan and Midge
The Gang all together

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these fashions a second time. It was a lot of fun to photograph them. I thought that I had used all the variations but when I processed them I realised I’d missed some and that although I’d put Bonnie in the long skirt I had not actually photographed her in it. (She really did not like that skirt.) I ended up going back for a reshoot the next day to finish them off.

I had Sandy in the gold pants and black jumper for the past week or two and she looks fantastic in it but I decided that someone else should have a turn in it. Which is you favourite combination? Can you think of any variations I missed?



  1. Wow! A lot of combinations and a lot of work dressing and redressing all those ladies. My favourite is the black jumper with the gold pants.

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  2. Wow love it all! Blew me away first time I saw this collection, 2 auctions later I had it to play w/and other than shortening Barbie’s hair, have tried not quite as many looks..but wow it’s fun!..I still adore the red purse,love the day to night looks from the reversible skirt..Love separates that can be mixed on so many dolls! Loved the boots w/the skirt and dotted blouse and red purse most. Great blog!

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  3. Always great to see the fashion shows, the black/gold colour scheme is great, so many different combinations. My favourite is the back jumper and gold trousers as well. the girls are right about the jeans, they are slightly short, maybe flat shoes/boots would look better with them.

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    • I assume that those jeans were meant to be that short but they remind me of what Naomi and I used to call “ankle freezers”. Maybe I’ll see if Teen Skipper wants to wear them.


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