Fashion Doll Friday: X Files Barbie & Ken 1998

I never made it a rule that Fashion Doll Friday had to be just one doll so today we have a Friday Guy and Girl. They are the 1998 X Files Gift Set of Scully and Mulder. This set was the first expensive set Naomi and I bought. They cost us $75 and we went halves. I took Scully who is now Laura and Naomi took Mulder who is now Steve.

As you know Naomi has the new Mulder as well but I have not as yet bought Scully. I may if she comes up at a good price. The original dolls don’t look much like their TV counterparts but in those days Mattel tended to use their standard sculpts rather than making dolls that resembled the actors. I can appreciate both sets for what they are as I still think original Scully and Mulder are nice looking and we did not buy them to be those characters.



  1. Steve looks 100% better in his new outfit! It gives him a whole new personality. I was not a fan of this doll in his original suit. It’s nice to see the difference an outfit makes.
    Laura also looks great in these new outfits, and her short red hair is very appealing.

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  2. As it was the fourth quite recently, and I wanted to pull out my patriotic-ish themed dolls I had my George Bush, and Donald Trump and AA Ken who will be the body to my Obama custom head, plus the Barbie for Pres. dolls. Guess who was their security?Agents Scully & Mulder and Mulder.(Kind of sounds like a law firm).My first Mulder is their son Jeff. Fox2 was doing detail on Donald and Jeff covered Pence (who was a gray haired Civil war figure. Skully will cover the first lady when I get one but ,she was supposed to cover Obama but( his head didn’t arrive in the mail till yesterday), so she’s standing by George W.Bush.(Gotta say the Obama face was expensive and looks rather grumpy, if quite realistic.)Michelle is my AA Barbie for President doll.Love these agent dolls, lend themselves to spy capers and as your blog proves ,high fashion!

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  3. I agree with Elizabeth, both dolls look fabulous in their new outfits, Laura has lovely red hair and Steve’s outfit is great. I remember Naomi’s newer Fox Mulder having an encounter with a monster “aka a very large tabby cat” It really made me laugh! (I think it is listed in September 2018)

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  4. Awesome. When I think of character or celeb dolls he’s In my top 10. I think he’s a good “blender” when it comes to displays. He looked good in my Independence day group and then can pop into a red carpet set by merely removing his badge or swapping out his jacket. Will have to keep out an eye for more fun fashions for Dana. She blends well in my medical bunch, Julia and Dr. Kildare, etc. .

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  5. I’m terrible at commenting, but I love that shirt Mulder is wearing so much. I can see him wearing that on his day off. Before I go hunting using keywords, do you recall what fashion it is? or where you got it? Thanks in advance, and I love your blog, I read it via Feedly, I’m just terrible at commenting, but thank you for writing it.

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    • Hi Nat, nice to hear from you. I am not certain but I think that shirt came from an eBay or Etsy seller. You see a lot of custom shirts like these although sadly, at the moment some of them can’t ship overseas, well not to Australia anyway, because of Covid-19. There are no flights between our countries. A lot of the more reasonably priced shirts are coming from the Baltic countries. I’ll ask Naomi to comment if she can remember who she got it from.

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