Fashion Doll Friday: Harley Davidson Ken #2 1999

This week we have another Friday Guy. I’m giving them extra time as we haven’t seen much of them in the past. He is the second version of Harley Davidson Ken released in 1999 and now renamed Zac.

Now you may think that Zac looks a bit different from the original. He has had a change of outfit of course but he has also had a shave. Neither Naomi or I like bearded dolls so whenever we get one she “shaves” him with nail polish remover.



  1. Zac looks so much better without the beard, I totally agree with you and Naomi, I don’t like bearded dolls either (or beards in general, thankfully neither does my husband!) Zac’s hair and outfit are also great, you have some really good outfits for your guys.

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  2. Good to know that nail polish remover will take off the beard on Ken dolls. I wonder if that would work with the painted strands of hair on the forehead of some Barbie dolls. I’m thinking of the Rosa Parks and a couple of the BMR1959 dolls. It’s great that we’re able to change dolls to suit ourselves. Zac has a whole new personality without the beard and it’s nice to see him redressed.

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