Tap Dancing Stacie

Today I would like to show you a Stacie doll I recently got on eBay. She is a very pretty doll and her outfit looks quite authentic. I have always liked Stacie and she is probably my favourite of the sisters. I feel she gets left out a bit and I would not be surprised to hear that she suffered from Jan Brady syndrome.

When I decided to get her I thought she would be good company for my other Stacie dolls so you can imagine my complete surprise when she arrived and I found she was double the size of the others. I had no idea they made this larger versions. The seller had not mentioned the larger size so I took it for granted that she would be the same size as the other Stacie dolls. She was deboxed and not shown with any other doll so there was no clue by just looking at the photograph.

I think she is very cute with her lovely outfit. I do like her top hat, cane and fancy black tights. She is going to display very well but not with my other Stacie dolls. She will look quite silly with Barbie and Ken also so she is getting a little space on a shelf of her own away from the rest of the family. Poor Stacie will be in exile. Anyway here are some photographs of her.

*Note: Naomi ended up not having time to finish this post so she asked me to take some pictures. These photos are the ones I took.



  1. Your new Tap Dancing Stacie is cute, and I love those tap shoes. But, it is disappointing the way Mattel continually changes the sizes of their doll family members. It makes it difficult to redress dolls and incorporate them in doll stories. At least your Stacie has a charming tap dancing outfit and makes a great stand-alone doll


  2. Stacie is really cute and what a lovely outfit. Elizabeth is right though, it’s annoying when Mattel keep changing the sizes of the doll family members, making it difficult for them to share wardrobes. Even when the outfits are for a particular doll they don’t always fit the doll they are meant for.


  3. Your gal looks more like Wee three Fiends Janet, there was a Stacie (Blonde) and a Lia or Miranda (redhead) . They came out in 2004 to try to compete w/ the Bratz dolls. I have a blonde but am looking for a redhead, or Aa Janet.. they are wonderful for showing kids how to make clothes for dolls, ie; socks crochet/knitt/etc..Enjoy!


  4. Yep, she’s a Wee Three Friends Janet. There were blonde Stacies and red haired friend who changed her name occasionally. They have the same body as the What’s Her Face dolls.There was also a sisters set with the big Stacie like this, and the big Kelly that was about 6 inches tall.


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