Buried Treasure

Well, not buried exactly, unless buried under a heap of other boxes counts.

Every time that Naomi comes up to Sisters Beach for the weekend she has been bringing boxes of toys including all her fashion doll stuff. A few of my bits and pieces were still there too. I haven’t seen some of this stuff in years so it’s fun to see what comes out of each box. Last week, along with a lot of props Naomi brought a couple of boxes of Barbie clothes which she warned me were all mixed up.

When we first started to buy Barbie stuff in the late 90s we tried to coordinate our buying a bit so that we didn’t both buy the same outfits. Inevitably we did get a few double ups but by and large we did manage to avoid it. I have started to sort them out ready to be photographed. There are Fashion Avenue outfits, pre Fashion Avenue, a few Fashion Fever pieces, generic clothing and even a few home mades.

Fashion Fever and Fashion Ave.
Tagged Barbie dresses
Generic and home-made gowns

There were also shoes, lots of shoes. At least I wrote on the boxes.

Naturally, we are going to have some fashion shoots with all these once I’ve finished sorting them and done some ID’s. Believe me there is a lot of stuff here. The boxes are the ones that hold printer paper A4/letter-sized to give you an idea of the size of them, plus I have at least one shoe box full of older Barbie clothes myself. I expect it will be several months before you have seen everthing.

I have been working on the first post today and it’s quite long and probably as much story as fashion show. I hope it will be up in a few days.

Here’s a taster.



  1. Woo-hoo!! The only thing more exciting than going through my own boxes of “treasures” is going through someone else’s treasures. Looking forward to seeing all your treasures. Let the games begin!

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  2. Anticipation, I get a thrill every time I have an undressed doll I can dress/re-dress. My clones usually get any duplicates and mommy-mades. Can’t wait to see the new Jem’s in the treasure box. I Love the boxes your shoes are in!

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    • That was my original idea for shoe storage and not really a bad one for vintage shoes but the modern ones are so much larger. We’ll repurpose the matchboxes for craft.


  3. Yay, really looking forward to this post, the stories are just as much fun as seeing all the clothes. In the taster shots, the three ball gowns are Peaches and Cream , Loving You and Crystal Barbie. Peaches and Cream and Crystal had matching stoles. Clever idea using the matchboxes to keep shoes in and labelling saves you looking through every box to find the right colour. Eagerly awaiting the first post.

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  4. I have found a lot of my Mattel stuff on Flickr, and dolls on the Blog ; Planet of the dolls. I’m finally getting stuff on log sheets but not the clothes yet. Plus looking at books.This is all a great thing to do while we are all inside.Thanks for all you share here. You and Naomi are a God send. Can’t wait for the next window in your world.

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