Vivienne’s Vintage Day Out: Part One


This is the first post featuring some of Naomi’s dolls and fashions. There will be a lot more although they may be in different formats from this post depending on how much I feel like writing. πŸ™‚

Vivienne just loves to attend the vintage fashion fairs put on by Frock Up Australia. Usually Becky goes along with her. Becky loves antiques and retro items of all kinds and of course she takes a keen interest in fashion because Cruikshanks, the family department store, has always been known for carrying high quality clothing for men and women. The younger generation of the family are keen to keep up the tradition. This weekend Vivienne has invited Jan and Midge to come with them to a Frock Up event and meet some other lovers of vintage clothing.


Guest Presenters & Models:

Special Guest Sonia Grant, aka Winter in New York Barbie 1998.

Introducing Stacie as Rachel:

The girls had agreed to meet at the venue and arrived nice and early before it became too crowded. Jan had brought a young friend with her.
“This is Rachel.” she explained. “She is visiting me from New York and she’s always wanted to go to a fashion show so I promised I would take her to one while she is here.”

Becky noticed someone she recognised. “Isn’t that Sonia Grant, the movie star?” she asked. “I heard she was making a film here.”

“Where?” Everyone’s heads whipped around. Jan and Midge started waving to her.

“Do you know her?” asked Vivienne curiously.

“Oh yes,” replied Jan. “We were at school together in England. Come on. We’ll introduce you.”

After everyone had been introduced they all agreed to split up to do what they wanted to do and meet again later for lunch. There was a lot to see and do. Everyone wanted to browse through the racks of vintage and retro clothing and see the hourly fashion shows. Jan made sure that she and Rachel had good seats for the parade of 1980s evening wear.

“Oh look, Myrtle is one of the models.” said Jan waving to her. The Showrunner announced each dress and gave a little information about it. Vivienne quietly added a few comments of her own for the benefit of her friends.

The Fashions:

Dress from Barbie Dreamglow 1985.

Myrtle in untagged evening gown.

This is of course, the dress belonging to Mrs Heart of The Heart Family. 1984

Heart Family Mom dress

The dress from Peaches’n’Cream Barbie 1985

A home-made gown. “It looks like a nightie.” whispered Rachel to Jan, giggling.

Home-made gown

Lynne wears the outfit from Loving You Barbie 1983.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is imgp3687_536x800.jpg

Megan wears the dress from Crystal Barbie 1983.

A wedding gown circa 1980s

Myrtle in generic wedding dress

Everyone met for lunch, as planned and compared notes. Vivienne remarked that it was very relaxing to enjoy a fashion show as a spectator for a change. Myrtle stopped by to ask Jan if she could model a dress in a parade later in the afteroon and everyone wanted to have their picture taken with the movie star. Some more friends arrived and Midge was kept busy taking happy snaps.

In Part Two we’ll see some of the dresses the girls tried on at the show.

*Author’s Notes:
  • Frock Up Australia is of course a real organisation and until recently held Frock Up fashion fairs in many Australian cities. Naomi and I have been to Frock Up Hobart a couple of times although, contrary to what you might think, we are not fashionistas ourselves. We just love old stuff and find the fashions of yesteryear very attractive.
  • Cruikshanks is a fictional department store modelled on the great old department stores that are now nearly all gone.
  • Sonia Grant is a fictional movie star
  • Featured Barbies who belong to Naomi. Barbie Millicent Roberts “Matinee Today”1996, “Winter in New York”1998, Bath Boutique Barbie 1998, Style Barbie 1998, Stacie.



  1. I love this post! Such fun! I wasn’t collecting or even paying attention to Barbie in the 1980s but looking at these outfits reminds me of some of my own clothes back in the day. Those sleeves!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some great dresses to start the shows. I have the Peaches and Cream and Crystal dresses, I bought them loose on EBay years ago. I remember also babysitting for a young girl who had Crystal Barbie amongst others. I like Sonia Grant’s colourful outfit too, I like wearing bright colours myself. Looking forward to the next part…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I got the Crystal Barbie dress from the Op Shop last year and didn’t realise Naomi had it as well. Mine’s on an 80s Barbie, one of my display dolls. I have the one Sonia has on too but also on a display doll. Beyond Pink Christie I think.


  3. Another great story and photos! So interesting to see what these fashions look like on different dolls. Frock Up Australia sounds like lots of fun. Thanks for the link to their FB page – so many wonderful fashions.


  4. Just in case anyone wanted to know my other two ladies are named Abby and Lynn. Abby is the blonde is the blonde wearing the pink suit jacket and black skirt. She was expensive and I got her from David Jones a posh department store in Australia. She came with that suit and some fancy lingerie. The other lady with long red hair was a Style playline Barbie. I liked her hair. I kind of like red hair and have a few dolls with red hair. I named her Lynn Wells. She was named after my Dolikins who also had red hair and was named Lynn who I had lost for years. Very happily I found her in an old trunk in my shed. Vanda and I both have the blonde version. I am getting the new red haired punky looking Ken soon so look out for him in a few weeks time.

    Liked by 1 person

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