Fashion Doll Friday:BMR “Matinee Today” 1996

Today’s Friday Girl is one of those featured in our “Frock Up” post . She belongs to Naomi and she is Barbie Millicent Roberts “Matinee Today” aka Abby. This doll came in a gift set wearing pink lingerie. I am sure we have it somewhere so when we find it I’ll feature it. This outfit was included in the set. These are not the original shoes but some I put on her to complete the outfit. I think she has a very pretty face with those big blue eyes. She has been busy organising “Frock Up” . so no doubt we’ll be seeing her again soon.



  1. Such a pretty face, and the short hair brings out those big, blue eyes. The outfit looks like one of those versatile fashions you could wear at work and then go out on a date.

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    • When I first saw her again I thought it was very like the Avon Representative Barbie but that outfit has a pencil skirt. Perhaps the Avon jackets were based on this.


  2. probably reusing left-overs as they very nearly always do. The same styling in the Barbie jackets as far as colors and the crop Jacket in blue for Teresa. .Still would blend together in a display, almost variations on a theme.I hope I get the AA Avon gal some day she’s lovely.Your gal looks enough like the Avon gals little sister to have a reunion.


  3. Look underneath her outer clothes. I think she has the underwear on. There is a pinky coloured sheer robe or something that belongs to her in a box

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  4. Abby is beautiful, I love her hairstyle and she does have lovely big blue eyes. Great jacket too, could definitely be a work and then date outfit as Elizabeth suggested. Looking forward to seeing more of the Frock Up shows.


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