The Four Mary’s Part Three: Mary Poppins

Naomi has now brought all of her paper doll sets to Sisters Beach, a lot of them came with me from Geeveston and they are now occupying the whole bottom section of a cabinet. So I thought it as time we shared another vintage set with you.

There were quite a lot of Mary Poppins paper doll sets made after the release of the original Disney film. This one is a bit different from others I’ve seen as it is just Mary herself. No Banks children, chimney sweeps, lamplighters or penguins.

The box

The boxed set was produced by Whitman who seemed to have the rights to all celebrity related paper dolls. Mary is made of thick card and comes with two plastic stands. She has a huge wardrobe of 38 pieces of clothing, suits, dresses, skirts and blouses and even hats. I’m sure that no real Victorian era Nanny had such a wardrobe unless she was luck enough to have an employer who gave her cast off clothing. Nevertheless, it does make for a fun set to play with.

Mary Poppins and her amazing wardrobe.

There really are a lot of outfits so I didn’t try them all on Mary but here are a selection of her costumes. The first ones I associate with the movie. The rest I don’t remember. I’m sure that Julie Andrews did not have this many costume changes in the film.



  1. Quite lovely.I have another one of these Mary Poppins sets in a folder,maybe circa 60’s. She is a larger doll w/ an older version of Julie Andrews. Very similar bloomers /tights but w/yellow shoes. & fewer outfits.These are such fun to look at.. Even though I have the doll, these paper dolls get to swap out outfits.Such fun! Great blog!

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  2. It’s a great set in lovely condition. I think you’re right, Julie Andrews did not have that many changes of clothes in the film. The outfit of the white dress and parasol was when they all jumped into Bert’s chalk drawing. I watched the film many times when I was young, I enjoyed singing along to all the songs!

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  3. I wish they’d had a traveling costume for the “Julie faced” version of the doll I have. I did try my Horsmans Mary’s coat on her and she looked pretty silly. The Harts moms face or I should say sleeping beauty face one has a coat, but I haven’t tried that one as it’s smaller. I only have Michael of the children (Horsman), he almost reminds me of the Christopher Robbins doll.

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