Vivienne’s Vintage Day Out: Part Two

The “Frock Up” crew are:


Abby – BMR Matinee Today Barbie

Abby, Frock Up Showrunner

Volunteer Models/Helpers

  • Megan – Bath Boutique Barbie1998
  • Myrtle – Steppin’ Out Barbie 1998
  • Lynn – Style Barbie Redhead 1998
Browsing at Frock Up

In Part One Vivienne, Becky, Jan and Midge went to a Frock Up Fair for the day. They met several friends including Myrtle who was volunteering her time to help out and model some outfits. Another old school chum, was there too, Sonia Grant the actress. Jan had brought her little friend Rachel who was very excited about seeing her first fashion show. She was even more excited after lunch when Jan took to the catwalk herself to model a vintage evening gown in another fashion parade.

Jan in Enchanted Evening originally released in 1960 and again in 1995 and 2009.

Megan in Suburban Shopper first released 1959 and as a reproduction in 2001
Francie in Gypsy Spirit 1970

When they weren’t watching the fashion shows the girls were browsing at the various sellers stalls and choosing outfits to try on. Here are some of them.

Abby and her helpers

Abby and her helpers were kept busy fetching clothes and answering questions.

Happy Shoppers
I’d like to try these on please.

Later the girls went to try on some evening gowns.

“Well this has been lots of fun,” said Jan “but I have to get Rachel back to her mother. Who wants to come again tomorrow?”

I haven’t been able to ID all of these dresses yet. I know the Pretty In Plaid yellow dress because it came off a doll I bought myself. I believe most of them are from the 1990s. If anyone recognises any let me know and I’ll add a list of the ones we know at the end of the post.



  1. Wow this is great! I could happily wear Midge’s red polka dot dress myself, I love red and love polka dots! The girls all look great and there are some lovely dresses. The long pink evening gown that Jan is wearing and the pink one that Sonia has in her pile to try on (modelled by a dark haired girl) – I have those myself, I’ll check over the weekend as I’m sure I identified them and they are labelled. I’ll get back to you on this.

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  2. I once bought a pack of several party dresses and another of sun dresses to get us started going back to the late 90s or early 2000s. Some of those shorter dresses came from those sets.

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  3. Hi
    I looked at my dresses over the weekend. The pink ball gown that Jan is wearing with the dark pink bodice and dark pink dotted net is Princess Barbie 1998. The candy pink dress with roses on the shoulders is Barbie Rose Princess 2000. It had a detachable long skirt in pink tulle with pink and purple flowers on it. The doll had growing hair and was available in white and AA versions.

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    • I had Rose Princess and moved her on a while back because I didn’t care for the gimmicky hair. I thought that was her dress when I saw it. not sure if I still have the otehr bit anywhere as I may have put it on an Op Shop doll


  4. Such a fun story and so many lovely dresses. Some of them look familiar, but I don’t know the names of any of them. The group shot of the four dolls with blonde bobs is interesting. While they have similar hairstyles their faces are so different.


  5. Most of the dolls in this post are either “regulars’ or have been featured in previous posts. It is interesting but unintentional that my four main characters all have short blonde hair. Vivienne and Jan even have the same face sculpt (Mackie) so it goes to show how a different facial treatment still makes them unique. Well, not unique, they are mass produced dolls but you know what I mean.


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