Vintage Paper Dolls: Doll’s Outfitting Shop Activity Book

Here is a really cute paper doll book that Naomi bought a while ago. It is part paper doll book, part activity book and part story book. It is labeled “A Birk’s-Craft (regd) Production and designed by Edwyn A Birks”. It was published by Bancroft & Co.(Publishers) Ltd. of London and has a copyright date of 1964. The book was printed in Holland and has a number, 556, which makes me wonder if it was part of a series of publications.

The front cover

The story part, written by Sylvia Dane, is about a little girl called Jennifer who takes her doll, Wendy, to “Babette’s Dolls Outfitters” to buy her some new outfits. It has black and white illustrations and the print is large enough for a child to read with perhaps a little help from an adult.

The paper doll is Wendy, the doll and she has two pages of cute little outfits, 36 in all and little cardboard coat hangers to put them on.


The activity part is a press out model of the shop with a rail to hang all the outfits on. It’s very well done with illustrations on how to put it together.

Instructions for putting the shop together.

I think it is a very nice set and I know that I would have been delighted with it as a child. Even as an adult I wish I could go to a shop like Babette’s to dress my favourite dolls.



  1. What a nifty set! Such lovely clothes, and an amazing fold out accessory that would translate well to a plastic canvas design! How the early sixties vibe. What a great find! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. A beautiful book, and in such good condition! I would be tempted to play with it too, photocopying is a great idea, I hope you’ll do it and blog about it. πŸ™‚ Nice find!

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  3. Oh how cute! I have never seen paper dolls like this.

    I remember playing with the ones that came on cardstock as a child. I also remember cutting Betsy McCall out of the magazine. I liked to cut people out of my mother’s old Spiegel catalogue and make them into families.

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  4. What a fabulous set! When I was reading your post I was wondering how anyone could resist the temptation of putting together that shop. But, it is awesome for this to have survived in mint condition. Photocopying it is a great idea. When I see all the fun paper dolls from the 1960s I feel sorry for today’s children who have missed out on the creative play we had with printed paper dolls.

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  5. I remember playing with paper dolls as well. I have become an expert in designing and creating my very own paper doll dresses eventually..

    What a nice set you’ve got there! The condition is still quite nice.


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