The Four Mary’s Part Four: Magic Mary Lou

Magic Mary Lou is another of the series of dolls by the Milton Bradley Company (John Sands in Australia). Mary Lou and her sister dolls have their clothes attached by means of a magnet. I wrote a brief history of how they were invented in a very old post about Magic Mary Jane. You can read it here. Magic Mary Lou and Magic Mary Jane were both released in 1962.

Here is Mary Lou, who belongs to Naomi, and here are her outfits. Sorry that the photos are not very good today. It’s too dark to take photos of paper dolls downstairs and a bit glary upstairs. Obviously I can’t take them outside like I do the fashion dolls.

I chose a few outfits for Mary Lou to model so you can see what a nice wardrobe it is.

I am pretty sure we have another member of the Magic Mary family downstairs so I’ll show her another day.

That concludes the series “The Four Mary’s” although no doubt we have quite a few more Mary’s in the paper doll cupboard.



  1. Lovely, the perfect girl next doll fun as well as her sweet fashions it might have been to create more, and also do seasonal themes or displays.How completely charming and delightful! what a great set!

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  2. What a wonderful idea! I never heard of this kind of paper doll before. I have many fond memories of playing with paper dolls and hope someday to dind & buy a few of my favourites. All the outfits are nice, but I like the red jacket and boots the best. Oh, and thanks for the link to your original post about the history of this paper doll concept.

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