Fashion Doll Friday: Twilight Carlisle Cullen 2012

This weeks Friday Guy is Carlisle Cullen, one of Mattel’s Twilight Series of dolls but possibly better known to you as Jan’s boyfriend Marty.

Mattel released a lot of dolls in this series and most of the guys have wound up in Naomi’s collection as they add a lot of diversity lacking in Ken dolls being produced at the time. Marty has featured before in “Invasion of the Guys”.

Marty had got some dye stains on his arms from the outfit he was wearing in storage so for the last few weeks he has been receiving Oxy 5 treatment which has faded them to almost nothing. He may get a few more days treatment before Naomi comes to Sisters Beach next.



  1. Great to see male dolls that give Ken some competition. I’m not familiar with all the dolls in the Twilight series so I checked online to see what Carlisle originally wore. Wow, the black outfit is a huge improvement! That vest is terrific.

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  2. I think the Emmit doll in the series has the same head-mold so if you prefer brunettes to blondes he is your guy, the same head-mold is used for some sports team themed dolls too as I donated one for a toy drive a few years back.He looked like Carlisle w/ a tan. He is a good looking guy. Have to agree his Doctor togs don’t help the whole practically glow in the dark complection. Naomi is a great stylist. I can’t wait to see what she comes up w/ next! Thanks for sharing..Great blog..made my day!

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    • I’m not quite sure if Naomi has Emmett but I know she has Edward, Jasper and Jacob. In fact I think she has a couple of Edwards and has restyled one with a wig. We’ll get to him eventually.


  3. Marty is another good looking guy in a great outfit. Naomi puts together some great looks, especially when you think how few clothes you can get for the guys compared with the girls.

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  4. I’d love knowing where Naomi got the Black togs as I have a Country Western Artist to redress and wanted to go black for him. Also where she gets her hats. My guy”s the hard plastic so shouldn’t get any vinyl bleed over from fabric dyes.This is the upside I have found w/ the new dolls. I often buy clone stuff and its fine.
    I had two Edwards too so used one as Batman as Robert Pattinson will be the new one in 2021 or 2022.I love how well these dolls were made and display.I do wish some of the dolls looked more like the actors..but then that usually makes them less affordable.

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