Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Star Trek Captain Kirk 2008

Today’s Friday Guy is Star Trek’s Captain Kirk as played by Christopher Pine. He is one of Naomi’s restyled dolls and is now known as Corbin.

I must say that Mattel could practically use Christopher Pine as the model for playline Ken as the Steve Trevor character from Wonder Woman is also played by him.

Mattel also released a 50th Anniversary Captain Kirk doll made in the likeness of William Shatner but this one is a bit more customisable if that is a word.



  1. He’s a cutie, not particularly like Chris Pine but as Steve Trevor a little bit , very handsome (both). Kirk/Corbin has a blonde twin or should I say identical cousin like they did for Patty Duke show. Blonde, Beach Glam Ken circa 2006 has the same face but w/ basic straight arms. Hair is softer look w/ longish in eyes fringe..I had my Tim Mc Graw (country singer) dressed as Kirk till I identified him.Spock of the Trek series is still on my wish-list. I love the dark tones on Corbin.Kind of a James Dean Steve Macqueen (sp) vibe. Hollywood hunk/Heartbreaker. Seriously cool.

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    • I had sometimes thought of getting Spock being a Trekkie from way back but if I restyled him he’d have to wear a hat. That “mechanical rice picker” story didn’t fly in “City on the edge of forever” and wouldn’t now either.


  2. I have an older version of Spock the one that talks to younger Spock, Yes there would be a much easier narrative for where I live say he’s an actor or going to Comic Con convention.I loved Joan Collins in that Episode. I cried when they killed her off. Have always been looking for a good likeness of her in a doll.

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