Fashion Doll Friday: Smasheroo Reproduction Barbie 1998

Today’s Friday Girl is Naomi’s reproduction TNT Barbie wearing Smasheroo, an outfit first issued in 1968. Naomi remembers being 8 years old when the TNT Barbie’s were first released and that she really, really wanted one. However, she never got one so when this reproduction came out she got one for herself.

This Barbie used to be on display in Naomi’s toy collection room but has been packed away for some time now. Naomi had planned to post about her last year as part of the Barbie’s 60th birthday series of posts. However, she was nowhere to be found and only recently turned up in a box of other things and was brought to Sisters Beach. When I said that I needed to find a doll for this week’s post Naomi got her out for me to photograph.



  1. This is a Holy grail doll for me. I wanted the Twist and turns as a kid and never got one. Plus the reminded me of one of my sisters who took fashion merchandising in college and modeled. I have seen this one on Facebook in the Repo group. I have lost several auctions already so will probably gift myself her next year as this year hubby had two surgeries to pay for. I adore her styling! I already know I would name her Brenda after my sister.


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