Fashionista Fashions Again

Last week Naomi and I went to Burnie to do some errands. We went into K Mart, still very bare of goods, and naturally stopped by the toy department. They had a few Barbie fashions and we were pleased to see that Mattel were making the effort, even selling a doll with several changes of clothes. We didn’t find anything to really get excited about either dolls or outfits but I bought a couple of packs anyway. These were duly handed over to Vivienne who in turn handed them over to one of her young staff members, Petra.

The Showrunner:

Fashion Fever Teresa Wave A
Fashion Fever Teresa Wave A aka Petra

Petra decided to ask some of her Cruikshank’s co-workers to help with the shoot.

The Models:

  • Willa – Fashionista Glam Team 16 2016
  • Cindy – Disney Princess Cinderella
  • Kerry – Fashionista Barbie 2015
  • Frances – Tall Fashionista 79 2018

The Fashions:

Petra only had four outfits to work with and she quickly worked out who should wear what. She found that the tiny pink shoes supplied did not fit any of her models but luckily Vivienne had recently acquired a box full of shoes so Petra invited the girls to delve into it if they needed a pair of shoes to match their outfit.

Willa was the first to be ready with an animal print skirt and cat themed top. She found her blue flip flops in the box of shoes. The skirt had an elastic waist so it was basically a one size fits all piece.

Cindy came next. Her top was also cat themed and Petra gave her the brown tunic to wear with it as she felt the colours went together well. Cindy really liked the sunglasses that were supplied. Her shoes came out of the box.

Frances in the shorts and jacket

Frances wore the grey shorts and pink jacket. The jacket had no fastening so Petra found a plain white tank top for Frances to wear under it. Frances is wearing her own shoes, none of the others would fit her as she has a longer foot. The green belt/bag thing also came with the pack.

Kerry was very pleased with the blue and black print dress even though she would have liked it if the pattern was on the back as well as the front of the dress. The bracelet was supplied with the outfit but her shoes are from the box.

Petra was very pleased that her shoot had been so uneventful and gathered the girls together for a group shot before she put everything away.



  1. Mattel is making an effort and the girls all look cute – but I wish they would stop with the print on the front and solid colour on the back. I feel as if it’s false advertising, when you look at the outfit in the package!

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  2. Always fun to see a fashion shoot. I haven’t seen any of these fashion packs in the stores here. Either they aren’t coming in or are being grabbed by customers who are in stores more than I am. My favourite is the cat-themed set. I agree with Wendy about the different colours on the front and back of Mattel clothes. I live in fear that some day real people’s clothes will be made like that! Love Willa’s red hair and lovely face.

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    • The fern dress is my favourite of these two sets. Petra’s top is not Mattel but made by a former eBay/Etsy seller Ellasdolls. Sue is still making knitted items to sell on Etsy but no longer doing fashion doll clothing unfortunately.


  3. Very cute! ALL, have to keep an eye out as back on the pre-x-mas donation trail. Secret Santa budget was hurt by health insurance..downside of retirement..but do see great lil under $5 packs at Wal-Mart. Even if they are shoes, or random outfits, accessories.There ARE real outfits/tops w printed side/plain side my sister -in-law gave one to my daughter who gave it to me thinking it looked too “Barbie”..I hope there are more plus size selections soon,as I am running out of Mommy mades.Great show,some really fun looks there..loved seeing my fave gal, (I call tall Teresa).Everyone still fights over orig.outfit.

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  4. They are probably so because of all the competing stores that sell Barbie plus Ross or other stores that sell surplus. I usually buy most often one county north of us where our kids live where prices are a couple dollars cheaper. Interesting how an hours drive makes such a difference, cheaper rent, etc.. Also sometimes the “dollar” store dolls make great investments if they wear boots to cover my very loved second hands that have chewed feet.

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